March 1, 2021


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Price Explosion Coming for Gold & Silver | Mint Runs out of Silver!

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47 thoughts on “Price Explosion Coming for Gold & Silver | Mint Runs out of Silver!

  1. Neil, I like your Videos and i do believe that a portfolio must have gold and silver. However I believe that you might be wrong on bitcoin. First of all there are big guys having a position in there and yes, price is being manipulated as price for silver and gold is manipulated. Secondly, it is a rare asset. You cannot create bitcoin from nothing. You cannot type some digits in a keyboard and generate them. Third, A good part of the people who hold it like the idea that it can not be controlled “entirely” from government and it cannot be shutdown. It might be (at least for now) not the asset you want to use to buy the coffee but it is something where more companies are getting in. Could it be that you have too much bias by being 90% invested in silver ?

  2. Hey neil would you recommend buying metals in your personal name or through your company? I'm just thinking if the government try and make it illegal to own large amounts of gold like they did in america , could it help holding it in a company instead?

  3. This guy is awesome. He has his finger on the pulse. Paper money will only be good for wiping your backside in this coming greatest depression. Us rare metal hoarders will make it through the rough times ahead.

  4. Thanks for the great videos. Interested to hear about you putting your silver in an American vault please Neil? Was it to avoid the VAT on silver or are you thinking about future exchange rates? Many people choose Switzerland or Singapore for their vaults and wondering does exchange rates play a part for your choice? Thanks and best wishes Paul

  5. Finally! Someone that has some common sense about Bitcoin! It's like investing in Dinars!! I think you're spot on, on Gold and Silver. Why do countries and central banks buy all the G&S they can, all the while telling the masses it's a terrible investment! Be your own central banker! Sadly, if you haven't done it already, you might have missed the boat.

  6. This is sad…….globalist run the fucking world they're not going to let us little folk walk away with profit….wish it were so but no, not gonna happen and JP Morgan is just one example……once when silver went to $50 an ounce the fed dumped tons on the market and crashed the price… that's your free market economy in play LOL so no, not gonna happen

  7. 2000 gold is happening very soon. 3000 gold is around the corner. We will see what happened in the 70's come back around. Gold went up 10 fold. Silver shot through the roof.

  8. you are so right about the facts hats off to you brother but bitcoin is only 11 years old had has proven to out perform most assets still in times off great uncertainty it is rising in price i do think it will fall as will silver for the same reasons but will be a winner like gold and silver when we do hit the reset which i belive will be in next 3 years thanks for the content

  9. Bill Holter when dividing the supposed amount of Money Supply by the amount of Gold held in U.S. vaults came up with $87000 USD.

    This is assuming the gold is still there which is probably not true and this was pre the printing frenzy we went on the past few months.

  10. Ok so I’m just a carpenter, I’m not overly clever with finances but I have a decent amount in savings. How would I go about buying non-ETF gold or silver, Ideally what’s the best way of storing if I buy physical stock? Don’t really want to keep tens of thousands of precious metals in my house, also if the banks were to go bump how protected would deposit boxes be?

  11. Fuck Mike Moss for insulting Silver saying it’s not money. Excuse my language. Please go check out the video the title is “ Silver is not what you think it is” by channel “ Mike Moss” and don’t forget to leave a. Thumbs down ? and a nasty comment.

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