May 14, 2021


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Priests speak out: the moral case against vaccine passports

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42 thoughts on “Priests speak out: the moral case against vaccine passports

  1. This was a fab discussion… I am not a regular church goer but recently went just to be uplifted as things were getting on top of me. No singing. Too much space between chairs and masked in a very large church! I left in tears.
    I said to the chap on the door ‘What would the Big Man think of all this! Elderly people not allowed to socialise and having to book a seat online! ‘ This is obviously a spiritual war, and I do believe we need to ‘go inside’ and work on ourselves to get through this! Love and strength to all.. ❤️ Get putside in nature and say thank you for everything you have!

  2. The professing Christian priest said (actually, all Christians are priests, Jesus being the high priest of the order of Melchizedek): "The message of the church is not to obey the government."

    The bible says…

    Romans 13: 1,2 Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist (ALL of them) have been established by God. 2 Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves.

    Can a person bringing judgment/wrath upon himself REALLY be a true Christian…

    1 Thessalonians 5:9 For God hath not appointed us (Christians) to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. This was always more of a moral than a scientific question. If thoughtful individuals like these two men had been given a voice from the start we might never have got into this mess.

  4. Who owns the key's to the doors of these Churches?
    They should have been ignoring Government from day one.
    The sight of State hirelings braking up Church services could have turned this thing around b4 it even started.

  5. to be pro vaccine you have not realised the abysmal and corrupted state of medical science. please why do vaccines get a free pass when medical malpractice and medication cause a lot of death and injury every year. stop.

  6. A demonstration of why more than ever the world needs christianity!
    Showing courage where most of the role models of society follow the “party” line

  7. It has to be remembered that when (shades of Niemoller) the organs of civil society had been "locked down", prisoners of conscience shackled away, some "wasted" and "suicided" by the Apartheid state in the 70s and 80s, when the school system collapsed, the police militarised (shades of UK 2021), the military sent on futile Midas-like missions of destruction against other African countries, political parties and democratic fronts banned, dissidents house arrested and worse, rogue BOSS agents like Williamson, missions of assassins launched around the world (Paris, Gaberone, Stockholm, Locherbie, et al.), koevoet squads sent out into the bush to deal out terrorism and murder, when shanty towns were mysteriously torched in the night, communities bulldozed flat, the currency collapsing and hope fleeing, … when all this was reaching fever pitch, almost the only avenues of open protest left were the voices of legitimate guidance and rebellion of the brave leaders and followers of some of the Christian churches (from the pure-spiritied Tutu, the rousing and later fallen Boesak, the industrious Chikane, the turncoat DRC leader Heyns who paid with his life, many others such as Father Lapsley, whose hands were blown off by an Apartheid parcel bomb), by some of the Islamic mosques (moulana Essack and many others), even the Jewish synagogues (through the almost lone courageous Scots voice of chief rabbi Harris), as well as many other spiritual leaders of the Hindu and other religions, not to forget the atheist churches of the law courts (Fischer and many others), the spear, the trades unions, the truly great heir apparent Hani, educated, cultured and spiritual, of the sacp., who had to be taken out by the masters across the Atlantic in a cynical decapitation strike, the women's and children's organisations and too many others to mention… but at the forefront in those ferocious collapsing days were many true-hearted men and women of god.

  8. I am not Christian but i agree totally. Covid passports are immoral, illogical and destructive beyond belief. This is an attempt to bring in more and more control…..this has to stop now!

  9. It iis not a catastrophe failure of the church: it is a success , because this exactly what the establishment church(es) have been charged with. That is why a businessman was parachuted into the top position in the ChoE: he does very little spiritually for the flock and everything for the state, charged with the task of destroying organised religion as a central part of life and morality.

  10. It is all about control of the masses and is so blatent, people must be utterly brainwashed not to recognise even a hint of it. This will only bring misery to everyone.

  11. Very poor arguments if Jesus or God had the capacity to save lives then people going to church would be protected. Clearly they aren't. Surely even devout believers have to reach the inevitable conclusion that God is either not all good or not all powerful. Seems to me vaccines save more people if you don't want a vaccine then that is your right, but its my right not to want you sitting next to me on an aircraft for 10 hours. Vaccine passports are inevitable in certain settings next question.

  12. I never thought that I would say this: organized religion may be the saviour of our true FREEDOMS. I am not religious but I loved how the guests pointed out the avoidance of the spiritual aspect of humanity.

  13. Best interview I've heard in months. So refreshing to hear an in depth, civilized debate about our current state of affairs that raises above "who wants to kill granny" into higher moral issues.

  14. Big Pharma is manipulating the masses with fear based peer pressure. Stop paying them to control our reality with endless 'vaccines' & 'Pill Mills' creating mindless addicts.

  15. It seems like of all religious groups, only Christians are speaking out against the current COVID spectrum of tyranny. Amongst Jewish communities I only see some Orthodox groups, and surprisingly amongst Muslims, I don't see any organized retaliation from them against any of this. Different religious groups have different tolerance levels to tyranny. Muslims are so used to being under totalitarrian control and rule that they don't even recognize what is going on. For example, Mecca in Saudi Arabia where Muslims pray to their magic black box in the middle of the desert, now needs the Bill Gates' approved COVID vaccine for admission.

  16. Here is reality. Vaccine passports and forcing vaccination is (1) A violation of civil rights, (2) a violation of constitutional rights in most democratically elected countries, and (3) a violation of human rights. Even the UN, an organization I find troubling at best, has a document outlining medical and human rights. At the top of the list is nothing can be forced, coerced, or done without free will and understanding of the individual. Otherwise, you just let the perpetrators of WW2 win.

  17. I always come Back to what Jesus said that if we lose our life for the sake of the gospel we will find it, I find this disproportionate need to self preserve in church is suckling the biblical life out of church life. GOD help us be the church Jesus died for

  18. This video must be a joke. I am reminded of the Pope's comments that condoms could make the AIDS problem in Africa worse.
    Sure, lets ask the priests what they think about vaccine records. Can we also ask them about church membership and baptism records and how those might be used?

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