April 20, 2021


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Priti Patel DRAINS The Swamp

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38 thoughts on “Priti Patel DRAINS The Swamp

  1. Pretty Priti, I love her and think she's doing a great job! The SJWS are eating themselves over her and I'm sure the liberal hypocrites are secretly calling her a right wing p*ki!

  2. If the looney lefties are attacking you priti then that means you're doing something good.. Keep up the good work.. The majority are behind you 👏 👏 👏

  3. Priti is doing what we the real British patriots/realists want, drain the treacherous Civil service swamp, who have forgotten who pays their wages! they are NOT there to do the Governments job,…JUST TO IMPLEMENT IT!

  4. Well done Priti your a breath of fresh air you go get em gal, drain the swamp kick em out then start on the illegals in the 4 star Hotels who by the way are given pocket money every week I'm a Pensioner how about giving me some of that

  5. Yes, the opposition to the Government, just want to drive out, get Boris team mates sacked. If Boris doesn’t smell a rat here, and he tries to appease his critics, then the kind of Government we need to deal with the Civil Servants who boast of being the real power of running the country will do as they want, and drive Britain to become a vassal state,. Pritti is being slandered for trying to control the enemies of democracy who trample over the voters, the majority of the people! I can’t believe she was swearing. It’s a bad show if that was the case, that the poor woman felt she needed to swear because she was being ignored in her

  6. For the Priti Patel critics, her key demands are Home office staff to be judged by performance; the ability to get intelligence briefs by operational crew instead of hearing it through 3rd party sources and to get weekend cover in case something happens in the weekend. (all that talk about bullying is due to her not getting any help on the weekend) . National security isn't 9am to 5pm according to Civil Service but, from I have seen, people scream down the phone because BT can't get their WI-FI on in the weekend. It shows how out of date the Home Office are and why they are literally scared when someone says "why not?" when the Civil Service can't even get a Home Office civil servant to be "on call" . I am sure their budget stretches to have a burner phone or two XD

  7. pity the refugees finder general bully extreme Patel his part of the swamp. she to busy in isreal sneaking around and pretending she not their to drain anything.when boris goes she will follow him.

  8. Just need Priti to also remind the cabinet and MP's that they have legislated to remove Human Rights, which is a criminal offence, as Human Rights are unalienable, plus ULTRA VIRES, outside of their powers to remove.

  9. She needs to rein in the brownshirts…….those cowards are her responsibility. I would certainly have more respect for her if she dealt with the cess pit of out of control gestapo.She also needs to withdraw the criminality bill that is passing through the lords. It will make public recourse impossible against government illegal acts. This one is dangerous people…you need to get on to your MP and have it stopped.

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