May 13, 2021


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Priti Patel To SCRAP Anti Free Speech Laws

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34 thoughts on “Priti Patel To SCRAP Anti Free Speech Laws

  1. Oh i do believe the Brittish people are about to take the crap that has been pilling up in this country to task. no more sad talk from people in the government . we are going to take contfoll of our own frigging country ,what we pay for and is our home to the true Brit. we ard tierd ov weak and lieing governments , its up to us to take back our country not the woke weak talkers we call a government .

  2. I simply cannot understand why these laws were enacted to start with! This nation was founded on the principles of free speech and open discourse! The SNP areattempting to crush free speech….not suprising considering the SNP is run by fishwives and unintelligent local council officials. The UK must do better ….open and free speech is our fundamental right! Our legal system must reflect this and openly support it whenever free speech is threatened!

  3. Everyone should read the book AGENDA 21 by Ron Taylor. It is written by an American from an American point of view but this is what the World Government is pushing for. This is a short easy-read !!

  4. Hi
    Could someone explain to me why Tony Blair's on MSM talking about the jab. If there was a vote on the worse prime minister in Britain's history. Blair would be the top of the list. The government claim we shouldn't listen to just anyone it should be there experts we listen to. Blair's no medical expert. Boris should send the thought police to Blair's family home and take him in for wrong though questioning. Be good him caught by his own laws. He should still be held to account for his actions reference war crimes.

  5. Thank the dear Lord above for Priti Patel. If we go down the woke lane, Britain's going to end up with the cancel culture that currently exists in America. This is going to lead to corrupt politicians, or those simply yearning for acknowledgement by being ultra politically correct, are going to end up supporting censorship. Britain doesn't have a written constitution like USA, but it does have free speech and free expression of thought without persecution. As soon as laws or regulations are brought in hemming this, democracy will surely start to erode. And who is to say what is permitted and what isnt!? One of the biggest advocates of wokeness left Britain thankfully at the start of 2020, for Canada. Found she wasn't loved there either and then fled back to America, where she is still complaining about something or other. Lets not carry on with the wokeness she wants everyone to thank her for, use our common sense. Don't be rude to other people and don't be overly sensitive either.

  6. Labour / far left single aim is to create conflict; their ridiculous ideas are simply to cause annoyance and division. Drain the swamp and put them out to do real jobs, where their ideas are laughed at and not wasting time energy and better objectives than dividing and destroying nations

  7. Mayhar, you said at one point ‘thank God for that.’ Don’t you feel that the word ‘God’ is somewhat non-inclusive – maybe you should have used the term ‘Godhead’ or ‘Godesshead’ or even ‘Godpersonhead’ to avoid incurring somebody’s offence – and as for atheists; don’t they have a say????

  8. Many years back, I saw a hippy try to heroically stop a fight between two biker gangs at a bar by getting between them. The hippy dude ended up going to hospital, being carried out unconscious on a stretcher. There is a lesson there for Lefty Nandy Pambys!

  9. ooooo yet another she is going to do, yay lets all hold our breathe for shit that isn't going to happen.

    C'mon dude catch up the tories are cancer, labour are cancer and the courts are impotent and compliant.

  10. Thank God for Priti Patel……curse that stupid lodge and temple bastard….. Tony…..for ever having introduced these kinds of regulations in the first place.

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