May 11, 2021


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Protester who offered cops coffee CHARGED for not social distancing

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40 thoughts on “Protester who offered cops coffee CHARGED for not social distancing

  1. In the U.k. I seems we do not have such draconian measures. What is happening in your beautiful land? My uncle lived in onntario, please forgive if misspelled in any way! And returned 11 years ago. It is not the beautiful land of welcome he warmly tells me of? How has the China took your political class in their pockets so?

  2. You have a right to not distance or wear a mask but shops also have a right to deny you service.
    You don't get to break the rules and also not change how you go about your daily processes.
    Just like it you don't wear a shirt or shoes.
    You have the right to not do that but shops have the right to say sorry you can't come in if you don't have shoes or a shirt on

  3. AS IT SHOULD :PPP hand out hot chocolate and/or tea damn it and I'll happily get ticketed with you 😛 Cancel coffee!!! New movement, fresh out of the PC college. It'll be called the no coffee confederacy.

    This is why I need more tea…

  4. How can a person be 'charged' for something that is not even near being a 'law'. Can people be charged for a make-believe mandate that someone in a back room somewhere made up and figured 6 feet sounded like a good way to 'protect the public'. What a joke!!!! No basis in science. When will our Legal System clarify what's a 'law' and what's a 'mandate'….and how does a person get charged for a non-legally binding mandate???

  5. The Courts are going to be inundated with people , who should , be challenging theses tickets/fines , I’d bet to the point they will all be thrown out ( dismissed ) . And I wonder how many counter suits , for wrongful charges , will be filed . Theses are Charter of Right violations , and WE the PEOPLE need to stand up for our rights . NOW !

  6. On the bright side our corrupt officials, complicit media and authorities now have no authority or say in our lives. They're nothing more than immune criminals and should be convicted and sentenced …once we reinstate the death penalty.

  7. This is insane how the gangsters of our corporation government are acting they think they are above the law but guarantee they would be tossed under the bus just as quick as they throw us under it. Then they will realize they are no better than the rest of us

  8. everyone is missing the bigger picture here, lok at how the legal system treated this person. You are seeing the slow bit steady move towards a two tier social structure, those following the rules, as illegal as they are, will have legal rights, those enacting their freedom of choice are being refused legal access and legal rights. Canada is apathetic beyond understanding over this.. and in the end, we will ALL suffer under the boot of Marxist dogma. You have very few months left of actual freedom of choice Canadians, make up your mind how important it is for your children and their kids to have a future that is not full of education camps and servitude to communist masters.

  9. I'm outraged at this. This is RIDICULOUS. Shameful tactics from the police. Ticketing this guy for 'failing to distance'? Really? Our police have turned into the Gestapo

  10. People that cant wear masks are pathetic it's not hard. I dont get what u all complain about. Unless you have done something to fight for the rights your complaining about shut up. I've lost 2 fingers an have PTSD because I faught for your rights. And I dont have any issues with any of this. U are all pathetic

  11. Because people are gathering in there homes lol clearly. Doesn't matter if there all having friends an family over like normal still. My hole street was doing this till 2 people died. Now I dont c cars at my neighbors anymore. Some people just dont listen till there familys dieing. One lady was 69 an the other lady was 38. Dont have to be old. An the 38 year old has 2 kids

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