October 26, 2021


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Prussian Crusade: Battle of Grunwald | Animated History

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42 thoughts on “Prussian Crusade: Battle of Grunwald | Animated History

  1. Another historian who believes in fairy tales about "heavy armored" Tutonic Knights. Come on – you made an excelent work but made same mistake most do. Remember that Tutones fought in forests and marches of Lithuenia – they were not dumb and adapted the style of their enemies. At Grunwald they were lightly armored just as Lithuenians. In fact Poles at one time were suprised by one of their behind lines charge just because they mistook them with their retreating allies.
    Only heavy armored knights on the side of Tutonic Order where "guests" – mostly French British and Germans.

  2. You should do a video about Stephen the Great of Moldavia and his battles against the Turks, the Hungarians and the Poles. That will be far more epic than this, believe me.

  3. "Your helmets make you look like penises." "No your helmets look YOU look like penises." "Of course you know sir that this means war." And so begins another saga in medieval warfare.

  4. Any sources about the statement that the Germans decalred vengeance for this battle during ww1 ? Not that I doudt you,it simply sounds interesting to read xD

  5. Nice video, but since I don't have anything better to do, I have to critiqe one thing. German. German, not Germanic. The Teutonic order was composed out of GERMAN knights, there were no English, nor Scandinavians, other than prehaps mercenaries or seasonal crusaders. German and Germanic are not the same thing, the same way Polish and Slavic are not, Hungarian and Ugro-finnic are not or French and Romance are not.

  6. Catholics, not Christians, Christians back then were called anti Baptists, and Catholics back then were called Christians but are not like modern day Christians

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