September 17, 2021


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Psaki SNAPS at Reporter, Gets Nasty After Refusing To Answer Question

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25 thoughts on “Psaki SNAPS at Reporter, Gets Nasty After Refusing To Answer Question

  1. "We are welcoming refugees, but not the ones on boats in Salt water. Let me be clear, if you walk, run, crawl, use a jet ski, Uber, or a skiff on the southern boarder, you will be admitted, but not if your fleeing communism!"

  2. sORRY BLaze, you gonna have to point out the exact moment Psaki lose her cool. She does try to move beyond the question, but I'm not seeing oppressively hostility. In her classic lying thru her teeth style she does dodge answering questions directly.

  3. We are going to put a cap on it but when we get to that cap we will keep going as if we hadn't put a cap on it. That way we can get more bought votes let in before you know it!

  4. They are not leaving there country because of dire consequences they are leaving because Biden wants more votes and traffickers are using people to make a fool of the United States Biden sucks

  5. Why don't democrats worry about america and let these other countries learn that socialism doesn't work. Instead of destroying our perfect example of how a country should be run. By the way. I am just curious. Is China vaccinating there country. I never hear a out it. Maybe they are just vexing woo han

  6. I don't agree with flooding america with more people when the democrats don't know how to take care of the people who are already here. I think she is referring to her party who wants more democrat voters. The majority of Americans don't agree with this small group of rich democrats

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