September 20, 2021


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50 thoughts on “Queen ? CANCELS Prince Harry’s Security ?

  1. I am confused, was Harry in the Armed forces for 10 years or am I mistaken? Can't Harry protect his own family, as he was a solider with 2 tours under his belt?

  2. Markle suffers from narcissistic personality disorder, her
    half-sister Samantha has claimed. Speaking on the Australian radio show
    "Fifi, Fev and Nick", she said she want to diagnose her half-sibling, but said that "needs to see a counsellor

  3. He is definitely a hostage now with the next baby being American born, that interview has put the final nail in his coffin, disgusting disgraceful and let’s not forget that nazi costume now will we!

  4. Weak Harry – hen pecked – sick of the racist card also I'm now getting angry about it all to be honest because idiots are dictating my life to me and I'm running out of white guilt!

  5. Actually if I remember it was Charles who had a hand in her sercurity removed, also, it's up to him, he's an adult, and I'd think they do have protection, they'd of been around, your just assuming your not there. You don't know and they won't advertise it

  6. Everyone with a title in the UK knows how to use a shotgun. He also has military training He should be able to manage his own security.

  7. Born with a golden diamond studded spoon in his mouth. This couple want to try living in the real world where people struggle to live with no job and little money.

  8. You never know what can happen in America I don’t want anything to happen to do to them really but big but these guns out there and his vomit people and not as a mental health people could come along and shoot them both then what you cannot blame the Queen for taking the titles of them and their security this is what they wanted in a dangerous country far as I’m concerned I would never go to America if you met if you paid me too I think is the most dangerous countries around the country is even worse but I wouldn’t go there better to live you might get the sunshine but if you don’t get what you want the end of the day you might get more than you bargained for

  9. As far as I was aware, having HRH entitles him to UK tax payer funded security if a working royal residing in the UK. So as he is a none working Royal & in US then his HRH should be taken off him? , & let him pay for it out of his own pocket. "You cannot bite the hand that feeds you Hazbeen"

  10. Harry need not worry. Harry such a laughing stock these days, and he is much more entertaining alive. So, enjoy your safety, Harry, you have done more harm to yourself than anyone else could bring down on you.

  11. He has a steep hill to climb to regain favour with his family and the British people once she's had enough of him and drops him which she will after she stripped every asset she can from him.

  12. hello, actually if you watch carefully there is lots of security there, vans and bikes stopping traffic etc
    one piece the bus has stopped and not one car goes past the other way ??/
    cbs or who ever the network is has clearly paid for private security
    watch it again alex you will see im right ,
    p.s as a woman i always am lol

  13. Let's not forget that this man served our country in the armed forces. it's far to easy to judge but we don't know exactly what's happening if your watching from the outside

  14. He"ll get what he deserves, he's being stupid meg will dump him soon her life will be made a Royal duchess single poc single mum and her multi million pound settlement, she should remember when Charles is king her children become his

  15. Harry was military trained; and being married to an American girl, he may will be able to carry concealed handgun very soon. I am sure, he won't hesitate using it if being attacked. He is the wrong royal (X in this case) to mess around with.

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