October 17, 2021


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  1. Ok, so I found you because of your ancient civilizations content, so I don’t know why I’m way down here, but regardless of what kind of content you’re making, I really love your vibe. (I’m pretty sure that’s the most amount of commas I’ve used in one sentence.)
    Where can I find your comedy stuff?

  2. Wait, wait… you don't eat dead things? What do you think happens to plants after you cut them down and chop them into itty bitty pieces? Do you think they keep on living? I'm not raggin' on the vegetarian thing, I'm just keeping you honest, lol. There are times when I would much rather have a nice salad rather than a juicy steak.

    Uh oh… we can't be friends if you don't like cats… lol

    Whoops… you just gave away your real first name 'Jo' and 'Johannah'… lol.

    Odd… most women get breast augmentation, not reduction. Very interesting! lol.

    Well, I supremely enjoyed the video. It's nice getting to know a bit about you outside of the Egypt and Pyramids and Ancient Technologies of the World thing. 😀 Also, when the next one of those coming up? Oh, also… I heard that there was a red-leafed plant somewhere in South America that birds have used to soften granite and other hard rocks to create holes and indentations for nests… Could be an interesting video?

  3. i rarely make comments for any videos yet here i am i am with you as far as ancient history goes pretty much and along with that u r very entertaining funny attractive and seem quite genuine as well keep up the good work johanna i mean jahanna james

  4. Hhhhh 😳 your name isnt Johanna James? Oh wow yeah 😕 who……..who are you? I really just feel as though I don't know you right now. Im sorry I I must go now. Bye whoever you are. (Looks back and makes eye contact one last time before leaping on his majestic blue Dragon named Kachina and takes flight disappearing into the nights fog.)

  5. It's Scottish plain bread that doesn't bloat me, not a personal opinion I actually tried it kinda thing. ohh can't be bothered. I love your cut-glass English accent too even though I'm Scottish. Keep up the good work. I loved your Ancient Egypt videos. Thanks.

  6. see…when you want to be famous and get the most attention, you make sure to cast the widest net…"I'm not entirely straight"…meaning, hey, I identify with all of you…I'm your friend and we are soo much alike…I don't care about fame at all…follow me please

  7. Hiii, first of all I’m new to the channel. But… I’ve watched your comedy videos in the past when I was in high school and I loved them. They were so fun and enjoyable xD. I just founded your channel, and I watched this video. It sure was interesting!! Man the memories watching you and other viners are cherishing.!! I subscribed!!!

  8. As someone who also has dyspraxia, it was interesting to hear a snippet of how it’s affected you. When I was younger, my parents were told I’d never be able to ride a bike; even with stabilisers. From that point I was determined to prove the doctor wrong and not be defined by my dyspraxia.

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