September 22, 2021


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"Ransomware" Stories Being Spun Into Calls To Ban Crypto?

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“Ransomware” Stories Being Spun Into Calls To Ban Crypto? Get ready because there are already calls to ban cryptocurrency in order to stop ransomware.


48 thoughts on “"Ransomware" Stories Being Spun Into Calls To Ban Crypto?

  1. The Federal Reserve runs the world and nothing will happen that is not ordered by the Fed…. Let's address the elephant in the room, doesnt matter what you consider currency it's all worthless paper and digital debt… How long are we going to continue pretending we do not know how money is created, and the amount of debt borrowed is more than the amount of currency available. USA is a broken 3rd world country identifying as a 1st world super power. hahahahaha…

  2. Sure….look this way…no look that…no look over here. While all along we fail look at the same perpetrators of the terrorism narrative or pandemic narrative, or any other manipulative fear campaign. They reside within our own governments, world banks, multinational corporations, UN, WEF, etc…..the tyrannical elite who have been there for eternity.

  3. I doubt these ransomware attacks are even real. If the TV says there is a gas shortage everyone will run out and get gas, then there will be a shortage. Same with Meat and TP for that matter.

  4. Think about it: you have a major public health problem that forces countries to incur debt with the Central Banks. Debt that will take more than a century to pay. Now, they are trying to ban crypto…
    From the beginning this agenda was about protecting the banking system Because if they control the way you can use your money, they control you.

  5. Not to ban Crypto , but to move people to the new economy , blockchaine, cryptos , one world electronic currency . 5G , IoT , AI , etc etc . It's also part of the coming false flags , to disrupt traditional economy and lead the masses (the herd) to the new slavery barn . They're going to attack many countries with cyber attacks .. causing hunger and shortages , in oil, electricity , etc .. they're going to force synthetic meat , by shutting down farms ( because animals emit CO2 , and there is supposidly a global warming ) .. other similar flase flags, and agendas are going to be implemented .. for you know , the great reset .. once all the money would be electronic , then you wouldn't even be able to use money freely , and maybe you'll own nothing, but be happy .. As Klaus Schwab is promising you. I think It's time for all freedom fighters to gather, organize , and do something beyond the infinite talking & talking… Also , social score and tagging people, Internet of Humans (IoT, IoH) is coming.. destruction of knowledge, Archaeological remains , art and history ,and purge all what can awaken people…

  6. Not buying any of these ransom ware attacks. They sound like they were scripted and the script was written by twenty somethings just out of college. " Dark Side " hackers from Russia. LOL not buying it

  7. You actually believe "Hackers" were the ones behind it? ???
    If you can't trade Crypto how will they convert it to cash? And what powers are behind all the company hacks around the world?

  8. Outlaw VPN, and only the criminals will have privacy. They definitely are coming for the VPNs. William Barr said he was going to last year, and.. whatta ya know, cyber attacks ever since.. it's like that one time when the neocons needed a "new pearl harbor" 1 year before 9/11. They had drawn up all the plans to invade 7 countries in the course of 5 years, but they had no means of executing their plan, unless 9/11 just happened by chance..

  9. When the shtf, the only curancy that will be worth anything will be knowledge, food, and tools.
    And with the right knowledge, you will be able to get or make food and tools.
    Tools are anything that will help you with the task.

  10. Here's the real problem: Obama rescinded the Smith-Mundt Act. This opened the gates for our own government to propagandize the crap out of us and they have been doing just that. Biden is a lefty that's known for touching children in horrible ways. The whole government and corporaticracy has gone rogue and is part of this global agenda. If people beLIEve what they hear from government and the MSM, they are FOOLS and objective reality remains imperceptible to them.

  11. PRS – Problem Reaction Solution. The Criminals themselves told you BTC was for Criminal activity. Now they are out to prove themselves right. Time to shut down the Criminals and solve our future problems.

  12. It's funny bc JBS is in bed with the world economic forum supporting the "sustainable developments" green everything bs. So what are the odds that the coming "cyber pandemic" we first heard from the world economic forum hits one of their biggest supporters first? Not a coincidence.

  13. Agreed. But The only rebuttal I have is that the NotPetya ransomware-sequel would be high profile enough to surpass most on that big hack list. It crippled global shipping and healthcare. Yes, there was no ransom demanded, but the technical trait of data encryption for malice is present nonetheless.

  14. The World Economic Forum, and their collaborators, are the people behind the ransomware attacks. It's the beginning of the "cyberpandemic" Klaus Schwab told us was going to happen last summer. Funny that all the companies getting hit line-up with Klaus' agenda.

  15. I bet a pharmaceutical company or a large bank like Citibank, J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo and the Federal Reserve will NEVER be hacked. Wonder why that is? I wonder why the things the Biden administration wants to shut down (meat production, fossil fuel industry) always gets "hacked?" Kinda weird right??

  16. Banning crypto won't stop ransomware attacks like the two most recent ones because the attacks are almost certainly false flags – most likely orchestrated by the CIA, not hackers in Russia. Russian hackers are always the scapegoat. THAT is the BS story that is SO transparent.

    The only way governments could severely damage crypto is to shut down all exchanges worldwide. The US government has no authority in other countries, so without a coordinated global shutdown – people will just use foreign exchanges in Singapore or Northern Europe, etc. (Many privacy conscious people in the US already use them) Crypto will always move to where it is most welcome, and will still be available to anyone globally with an internet connection and a VPN. The only way to actually stop crypto is to shut down the entire internet – permanently. I don't think that is happening.

    The banking cartel and governments will definitely mount a massive fear and propaganda against crypto, but I think their real plan is to find a way to co-opt it and control it. The "war on crypto" will not be the kind of war that the US government wants to win – because it will be far more profitable to keep it going. Sound familiar?

  17. Didn't the World Economic Forum run through simulations of massive cyber attacks leading to food and energy shortages several years ago? Just like they ran through simulations of a global covid "pandemic".

  18. Call Klaus I'm sure he can put you in touch with the perps. First it was energy, now its food next it will be money. As Henry said control food you can control countries, with energy you can control continents, control money and you control the whole world.

  19. These hacker's are most likely Langley glowboys…see?️A stooge job…. were really going to get a show once they ramp up the social credit system end of this experiment,for those who doubt the possibility,were already experiencing phase1 with censorship,it's not just about shutting truth down…it's about conditioning.

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