April 20, 2021


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Rapper Loki: Class, not identity, should drive politics

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26 thoughts on “Rapper Loki: Class, not identity, should drive politics

  1. I live in Stroud … which has the highest per capita income in Gloucestershire. "Class" is very noticeable round here. People with local ancestors going back centuries and wealthy "incomers" with non-working class backgrounds who commute to the cities to work. One advantage of this is that the charity shops around here are treasure troves of good quality clothes, books about every subject under the sun, etc.

  2. In the United States. Capitalism is being ostracized and redefined like most western civ culture as racist, and benefits only white superiority, while people of color are disenfranchised from it. Such tripe. How asinine. What the heck is going on? How are we allowing the mentally ill and deluded to perpetuate this false narrative. Its beyond me. Are there no intellectuals among us to prove them wrong? Fear of cancel culture, and an entitled generation, under 35, who doesn’t remember the past, but thinks they are oppressed, and blinded by their privilege to be living in the best of times. They will bring us down.

  3. Social class is identity politics. Social class is just another identity. They all stem from the same dysfunctional marxist ideology, which is premised on the on 'victim and oppressor' principle; that one group is a victim of oppression from another group. All we need to do is 'take out' the oppressor group and everything is solved. It's pure nonese. We need to treat people as individuals, not as members of a social group, whether that group be sexualyity, gender, race or social class.

  4. Now mostly authoritarian governments are there and they came in power in different agenda just to get power but as they got power they join hand with cronies capital to get more money from them and play with people with fake news and keep media in pocket

  5. Great interview – this guy is gold. One thing about what Marx meant with 'Workers of the world unite!' … many intellectuals who never cared to actually read Marx decided that is a call to the poor to just takeover and 'eliminate' the bourgeoisie. Actually Marx meant it for the bourgeoise (the only class that mattered) to realize they actually are workers enslaved by the commodity fetish.

  6. I haven’t had a chance to listen but intuitively this makes so much sense. Especially in the USA. The founders of my country intended for people to vote based on what they needed, not some perceived ideals of what or who they are, which, as we’ve seen, can be easily manipulated by rabble rousing (the msm) and which are usually deranged (as in Trump Derangement Syndrome, which in my opinion works both ways). Meanwhile, as people vote based on identity over needs, they miss out on taking the opportunity to vote in a meaningful way that could actually improve their situation. In reality they’ve just feeding the division (both along the line of race/gender and economically) by allowing themselves to be manipulated instead of doing their own manipulation of the system through voting. It’s absurd to think that because two people should vote for the same reasons just because they look alike when one lives in New York and another in Alabama.

  7. The illness of our time is all the very nice people that speaks for the rest. Capitalism serves everybody to blame humanity’s problems. However, we all enjoy what capitalism has to offer

  8. Another great interview with a very perceptive guest. I grew up in 60's Britain and had many experiences that defined my place in the class system. In search of a better life my Dad emigrated to NZ in 1972 which was a far more egalitarian society than it is now. I often wonder if the change is a result of more recent immigrants from UK and even China which has a very stratified society.

  9. Great, interesting guest to have on the show & so pleased to be seeing & hearing such varied conversation👍 Keep it up, even after lockdown, whenever that might be, though not feeling hopeful about that (despite having my first vaccine this week)

  10. Critical Race theory and Intersectionality has be hijacked by the establishment elites and the 1% to neuter the Occupy Movement. Occupy was not divided by race, gender, age or sexually and was aimed right at their pocketbooks. Divide and conquer.

  11. Yeah so the marxists tried that and failed … that’s why they transformed into identity as the new “class” struggle

    Then again I don’t imagine a rapper has much of a clue about the history of political philosophy and development

  12. A class analysis of British society always seems to create a more accurate picture of the realities than identity politics. It certainly identifies more common ground, which transcends identity, rather than other visions which atomise society and isolates the individual. It is notable that the building of the motorway through Pollok, literally turned it into a flyover estate.

  13. I'm not working class, quite the opposite.
    But, I grew up in a industrial town in Sweden that was 80% working class. All my childhood friends were the sons of factory workers.
    I loved it. Hilarious, funny, tough and warm. The sense of humour outstanding. Freedom of speech – absolute.
    I miss all of it…

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