A colse-up of the red light streaking across the night sky.

The band of light illuminated the skies above Denmark on March 23. (Image credit: Ruslan Merzlyakov)

A bright red streak of light appeared in the sky above parts of Scandinavia last week after a surprise solar storm smashed into Earth and triggered stunning auroras across the planet. But the bright red band was not an aurora — it was something much rarer. 

The streak, which appeared as a river of hazy red light that stretched all the way across the night sky, was most prominently visible above Denmark. Astrophotographer Ruslan Merzlyakov (opens in new tab) snapped a spectacular shot (opens in new tab) of the peculiar light show on March 23 above Møns Klint, a set of limestone cliffs on the Danish island of Møn in the Baltic Sea. 

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