February 25, 2021


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RE-UPLOADED & CENSORED – Pinterest Insider Leaks Docs; Live Action Banned + "Bible" Terms Censored

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This video has been re-uploaded. Due to privacy complaints, some of the investigative journalism in this report has been censored. You can view the full, …


47 thoughts on “RE-UPLOADED & CENSORED – Pinterest Insider Leaks Docs; Live Action Banned + "Bible" Terms Censored

  1. Let's, as citizens, be United in our motto "Treat others like you would like to be treated". We seem to be following the bipartisan effort of dividing our Nation for controlling us. When we do this our Leaders and our Society will no longer be corrupt.

  2. If you don't believe, by now, that the United States is morphing into a corporate fascist system, then you are brain dead. The U.S. Constitution protects us against government censorship. No problem… they will just partner with the big corporations and have them censor public communication. Either way, the job gets done. Unapproved views will be relegated to Orwell's memory hole.

  3. They are focused on censoring Christians the most because they are run by or are also themselves occultist devil worshipers. The extermination of Christians and total authoritarian control of the world is their goal.

  4. Very concerning! It can give power to people who do not have or use breaks to keep them from lying or other unethical behavior. We have to wonder how far they would be willing to go to destroy those with which they disagree. Just learned with AI it is possible to capture a lifelike image of a person saying whatever and eventually so realistic a viewer won't be able to recognize it is fake,

  5. I am looking forward to a good alternative to youtube. I am so tired of their censorship… They treat everybody like they are children that need protection.

  6. Who the fuck do these libtard nerds at these tec firms think they are????? HATE SPEECH MANUELS! There is no such thing as hate speech!!!! And who are they to say what is hatefull and what isnt! And whats the oroblem with being a christain????? Antichrist heathens !!!!!!

  7. Youtube: When you start censoring, you are no longer a service provider. You now become a publisher, subject to all laws governing publishing, including unwarranted censorship.

  8. Anti antifa-fascists. Censorship is communism dressed up in hubris. Antifa is communism dressed up as black masked terrorists. Resist and be brave, say something if you see something. If we don't stand up for ourselves, who will? Thank you James, for being part of the solution! You are inspiring.

  9. Clearly, it’s not a platform. It’s time to make Big Tech accountable. Good work again Veritas! You have my respect, with a special thanks to the whistle blowers. God speed to you all.

  10. You tube is violating its own policies and your rights without due process under the US Constitution. Freedom of speech is suppose to protect journalist. Project Veritas is an awesome organization that actually covers real stories, that we should know about.

  11. Looking at the blocklist, I grabbed a few names off and seen where they went. Some on the block list are White Power/White Nationalist websites (aryannationssadisticsouls), one a medical site (nemechekconsultativemedicine, one about eating healthy organic foods (organichealthytips) another was about… becoming a viking (norskk). This leads me to believe they have a bizarre filtering AI that may be responsible in the case of Live Action since it's kind of all over the place 🤷🏿‍♂️

  12. It's great that more and more hard proof is surfacing. We all knew. They are like a cheating gf or bf, you sense all the signs but they're telling you you're insane until you catch them.

    Also thanks a lot to that man pointing out and providing evidence for wrongdoing.

  13. the flat earth, the most damaging conspiracy? just see and measure the distances both on land and at sea and show the curvature of the earth that you defend … if you find it to be shared, but do not falsify your procedure because it will be detected. the most harmful thing is to promote a THEORY that has never been demonstrated and imposed as reality. THAT is evil.

  14. hmmm, this may answer some questions I've had lately about my own videos….just fishy…thanks for showing how this auto complete system is operating…i suppose Yt and others are also doing this….no problem then…thank you soooo much. maybe you should check out my little kindle book just the same…aldo e. smyth…"Nine and where to find it."….just doesn't get any attention. It really should. ok

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