May 12, 2021


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Reaction to L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s $1,000 UBI to Defeat Homelessness

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33 thoughts on “Reaction to L.A. Mayor Garcetti’s $1,000 UBI to Defeat Homelessness

  1. I’ve lived in Southern California, since I was born. It’s very sad- how this state has changed ( for the worse ) the last ten years. It’s not a good plan- Garcetti’s Universal Basic Income. I believe in helping out the people ( to a certain extent ) – just not like that. Much respect to you- Patrick Bet David.

  2. The idea of the UBI has been around for over 200 years. So this is not idea that came out of the blue. In 1795 Thomas Paine was talking about a dividend for a society. A share of the country’s wealth. The truth of matter is technological unemployment is going make a major. A lot of jobs are going to be wiped out. That is just the reality. UBI is not a solution, but it is start for people to have an income to survive. Humans are the only species that pay to live on the planet.

  3. Good idea if done in the right way. You cant just give homeless people $1000 and think its problem fixed. Most of them have addiction problems and they need real medical help and rehab. Put money towards that, then once they are clean, give them enough money to live for a year. Maybe thats 1k a month maybe its 2k. But money alone will not fix the problem.

  4. As if! Nonsense! This is all about creating a serf class, as in medieval feudal times. Go to benevolent mayor to get your bread. Stupidity – those who believe any of this bs about “poverty” and “homelessness”. Power consolidation – the American communists who dream of such “basic incomes”. Baloney!


  6. Look into the formula how exactly are the unemployment numbers calculated. This scares you more than anything else because this is just the tip of the iceberg.

  7. UBI and homelessness are two separate issues with a single common goal. That goal is to keep the leftists in power. Free stuff = votes. Also, the democrats have turned homelessness into big money. Garcetti takes millions in taxpayer money to "solve" the homeless crisis. Big dollar firms are contracted to study, plan, administrate, then implement a proposal. Sometimes the homeless see the results (Free cell phones). And sometimes they don't. (Allowing homeless to set up camp in city owned parking lots). Around election time, said firms that landed big dollar contracts receive invitations to a $10,000 a plate Garcetti for mayor dinner, at some swanky Beverly Hills venue, where they can rub shoulders with Brad Pitt, and pat themselves on the back for the great job they did helping the homeless. At the end of the evening, they return to their enclaves where the homeless are not allowed.

  8. Excellent analysis. I was born, grew up in, and live in Willows, CA. Our little town is in the middle of the Sacramento Valley. We, generally, have mild winters and blistering summers. Everyone, I talk to, is FOR THE RECALL of GAVIN NEWSOM (NANCY PELOSI's NEPHEW) I don't know anyone who wants him to continue as governor. We are, primarily, an agricultural community. This was marshland before people moved in. The extra clay, in our soil, makes for great RICE GROWING conditions. We are 4 hours from the West Coast, 20 minutes from the Sacramento River and within 1 hour of a few lakes. We're within an hour of several mountain ranges and have access to many national parks. The rice, we grow, draws copious flocks of waterfowl. Great treasure troves of wildlife, and amazing landscapes, lure Hunters, Fishermen and Photographers to the area. Over the past few years, we've begun to see more homeless people trickle in. We've also begun seeing more locals who don't seem to be able to make it. Add, the 2019 forest fires and you can see the strain. Many people were displaced and motel hopping.

  9. As someone has been a poor student & a middle class healthcare professional, I’d take having money over not. Now if EVERY state in the US used the same rule poor won’t be incentivised to go to X place & big business Y place.

    Obviously give this long enough & it’s will become “don’t invest in USA invest in South Africa because reasons” in this case American business is thinking where can I profit the most & not how can I help my fellow man up

  10. They already miss manage tax dollars so they keep raising taxes to fund their stupidity so now let’s give away more money?????? How about stop putting band-aids on problems and let’s for once address it at the top. Mental health and addiction are real let’s put money there . Rents and housing costs are crazy while wages aren’t high enough . 1000 dollars doesn’t even rent them a place in most parts of the state. This will fix absolutely nothing except increase overdoses and drug dealers will buy nicer cars. We are talking about a government who gave millions if not billions of co-vid allocated pandemic money to con artists. These aren’t the right people for the job wake up people.

  11. 100 % agree. Drove Friday 4-23 in the valley. The under the bridges homeless laurel canyon-101 and cold water canyon-101 were all escorted away with trucks . I wonder where they were taking them all I’ve been sleeping on the bridges for all of Covid even set up sofa desks and bookshelves chairs next to their tents. The people that got offered to stay in the mini home project by the 101 freeway they don’t want live there they got curfew at 10 PM. Hollywood became the last months the seventh most dangerous place to live in California.
    This is all sad….. that’s one of the reason we packed up and left last June to Nevada. I still have not seen one homeless in Henderson yet.

  12. You have to screen carefully and target the core issues that keep people down.
    Some people can't work, why? Lack of daycare that is affordable? PTSD from military service? Serious health issues that could have been prevented with universal healthcare? The list is endless-

    50% of the country lives paycheck-to-paycheck. That goes waaay beyond the old personal responsibility diatribe, which is outdated and simplistic! We have have an end game capitalistic system, with next to no humanity or balance. The state of the environment proves we are killing ourselves for short term gain- it's justifying greed and ego, plain and simple-

    Pat sounds like he has lost (being the operative word) some soul over the years- wake up!

  13. UBI is the future!!! It would allow all of us to better work together on larger, societal problems, like taking care of our planet earth.

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