October 17, 2021


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Real Estate 2021 Deep Dive (Will Prices Boom Or Bust!?!)

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38 thoughts on “Real Estate 2021 Deep Dive (Will Prices Boom Or Bust!?!)

  1. I’m confused about Household formation. Regardless to whether women and men couple up people still need shelter. As a single woman I purchased a home. My friends have purchased homes. Single men purchase homes. So, why would the assumption be a decline in household formations. It seems to me there might be more households formed if people don’t couple up because a couple forms 1 household; while 2 individuals form 2. This feels like a false assumption.

  2. I don't buy any of this overthought BS. Bubbles do not repeat in less than a generation. Most ppl don't care about real vs. adjusted, all they see is what they owe vs value. We are at late 70s scenario

  3. Starter homes were already going up since 2016. Now, all homes are inflated in some areas depending where. But the higher the price the longer they stay on the market. 2015 banks started to do cdos with a different name right? Businesses in default. I assume with the low interest rates lately more people bought into the market. With inflation increasing everyday commodities, it may get harder to pay those new loans resulting in possible defaults again like in 2005-2008.

  4. JSYK, if you are in forbearance and want to sell your house you have to payoff the mortgage amount that you went in forbearance period…i.e. a year or two of payments, good luck if you try to sale. More like foreclosure because i don't see most households bringing that amount of cash on closing.

  5. House prices can go up to the moon, but when they do no one will be able to buy your splendid investment when your teeth start falling out. A whole generation are being locked out from the housing market and thats why prices must fall.

  6. what happens if ubi becomes reality and employers are forced to raise wages ? the intention will be to fight deflation and at the same time force the hand of employers looking for employees since they can't raise the min wage

  7. this doesn't make any sense, the money you're using to pay down the debt will also have less purchasing power, so in reality you will need more of it to pay of the debt, so everything cancelled itself out. with inflation everything costs more, so actually you will be a loser of wealth.

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