April 10, 2021


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REALLY? Nurse Collapses on TV After Taking The Jab

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48 thoughts on “REALLY? Nurse Collapses on TV After Taking The Jab

  1. Why aren’t we hearing anything about pedo – files in control of all British Royalty and the committee of 300 black nobility. Everything that is heard is about China or Russia. If we didn’t have so many traitors within the wire in all nations it wouldn’t be a huge problem. Unbelievable that humanity has rejected royalty and excepted government which is the vary same thing but now there are allot more issues and we are still slaves within the same system. Humanity it seems will never transform and will be killed off by generational psychopaths. Natural law and the do no harm principle or Gods law should be taught and not the education on how to conform to slavery. Sad 😞

  2. I had a patient that I kept alive a few times, then watched her die (Old, no code, nursing home, couldn't save her the last time…O2 sats wouldn't come back up…), & her color would do what hers is doing. She literally would turn yellow/sallow from head down to wherever until I got her oxygen back up. Look at this nurse's coloring, her forehead to her chest…stupid mask blocks signs & symptoms. 😡 Masks don't work btw. Smh.

  3. Still nothing new on the Tiffany Pontes case. All her relatives IG and FB are also scraped…nothing new. The CHI Memorial video proves nothing, it's eerie af. Please follow this case Luke!

  4. She lied later saying that she have a condition that caused it. BIG BS and your right if they claimed to be safe than why the non liability clause? Make non sense

  5. You couldn't make that stuff up. Rushed vaccine, without the usual 10 to 15 years testing and the vaccine companies have total immunity from liability for this vax. Yea well I an't taken it. not now not in 10 to 15 years and not ever.

  6. Now all of a sudden she’s home recovering and would like her “privacy”

    She now wants her privacy!? And now she says when she feels pain she passes out!

    Yea likely story

  7. Dude… Get a back up channel on Bitchute or LBRY or Brandnewtube. Lots of people have already gone to one because they have been shut down. Several more already have one now because they know they too will be shut down.

  8. Do you not even LISTEN to your own CONTENT?????? I am so frustrated that not even ONE of your viewers (which I am now going to unsub) caught that the woman hadnt even gotten the VACCINE YET.
    You're literally acting like CNN…. this is fake news and I am ANTI-VACCINE btw… but I am also ANTI- false narratives

  9. NO, she hadn't taken the vaccine yet. Listen to her she doesn't speak in the past tense she speaks in the present. "All of my staff we are exciting to be getting the vaccine" she continues "We are in the COVID unit and we will be first to be getting it" PLUS wearing a mask in from of hot lights combined with nerves can cause you to faint.

  10. When people start dying they will come with "oh thats because covid beat you, you didnt had 2 vaccines". I dispise with all my heart what's happening in the world, but i have a gut feeling, when things get worse, people will start to wake up. That can't happen until humanity hits rock bottom.

  11. When the long term effects come, they will say, "oh crap, is covid coming back to your body, You need another vaccine lady.. and another one.. and another one…" This situation is so stupid 🤮

  12. There's so much fuckery in this 'event', that I'm not able to see what's the freaking point, but what I DO see, is:
    a) you can see a person fainting like that… only in 50's movies -.-
    b) a person, who faints all the time, hardly would be in her position as a 'head nurse'
    c) a person, who faints all the time, knows what to expect, aka does not stand up, to avoid getting hurt.
    d) a person, who faints, does not close her eyes before fainting, rather fights to keep them open and seems to have a surprised look.
    e) a person, who faints, but struggles to stay conscious, has jerking muscle movements, due gaining and losing control over, let's say knees,

    This seems like it's bs from the start all the way to the theories of her being dead.
    Total distraction.
    Maybe they wanna pump up other vax makers stocks? so their ceo's can bail out too?

  13. I'm not taking this! I have seen so many articles on what's in it & what it does to you. Can just put your head between your legs & kiss your #%# goodbye if you take it!!!!

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