May 13, 2021


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Rebel News is EXPANDING — here's what we're looking to add

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47 thoughts on “Rebel News is EXPANDING — here's what we're looking to add

  1. There’s a couple kids on you tube who are fluent in mandarin and Cantonese. They aren’t Chinese but walk into Chinatown’s and blow people away talking to the Chinese and order food etc. they seem like half decent reporters too.

  2. I'm proud to have helped with that mortgage and my monthly contribution. You all are a beautiful Canadian inspiration. I spread your name everyday…I think about 1/40 of the sheople actually look yous up but thats still helping. God Bless Rebel 🌿

  3. A news organization largely run on YouTube and is entirely funded by the viewers is becoming more relevant then the CBC who gets government funds and turns there comment section off. Congratulations you guys deserve it

  4. lifting up your provisions, your needs and callings into complete alignment to fill all positions in abundance
    establishing you in strength, authority and resurrection power in the face of the adversary . In the name above all names in heaven and earth and everything below. Christs name I pray..

  5. I'm In where do I apply, I'm an Investigative Journalist Videographer worked with Rogers TV News for 3 years as a Camera Operator.. A Researcher and Investigator. Cheers. I Run EXPOSURETV3 on you tube I'm an Intelligence Analyst. Always In The Shadows my work has been banned and blocked on face book and you tube face book ExposureTv3..

  6. I’m a Chinese. I can tell most Chinese or Chinese Canadians are afraid of applying the job offering here. Working for rebel news about Canadian democracy and reporting the truth about the CCP are at different level of danger. CCP has secret organizations in Canada that delicately control some companies and Chinese student unions in big universities. Rebel news reporters against the CCP will face these dangers: direct atrocious verbal abuse from Chinese red kids, internet violence, reporter’s identity is highly likely to be recorded and be added to CCP’s black list, personal or even family information leak. Moreover, if the reporter lives in a Chinese social group, he will get isolated because others hate or are afraid of him. He will never be able to go back to China safely and his family in China will be contacted by the 🚔. But there are unstoppable Chinese rebels, I want to see their news soon 🙂

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