April 20, 2021


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50 thoughts on “Recorded in 2020 – Cardiff GP Rick O'Shea calls for schools to be re-opened

  1. The government advisors advised the government to do what they wanted them to do to fulfil their political ideals – to change society. If they where true professionals, they would of advised the government to urgently check and treat everyone’s immune systems, giving them large doses of vitamin D, which is the cause of a deficient immune systems. It will all come out in the future and people will want answers from politicians on why they ignored independent experts and took the course they did!

  2. what a shame that he couldnt say that he didnt trust things……….like the bbc for their biased reporting and the medical journal which had obviously also been got at…….. he couldnt quite bring himself to say its all BS could he ?-)

  3. This doctor is no more than a bloody schill and a clueless one at that.
    I suggest he gets up to date on the research regarding hydroxychloroquine and stops citing the fraudulent trials by The Lancet designed to discredit the drug and pave the way for (unlawful vaccines)
    Both hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin have been passed and a lot of the original comments have been retracted as untrue,including heart scarring by HCQ.
    HCQ was trialed in 2005 by The NIH against SARS (a covid sharing 70% of the cv19 G-Nome),and more recent studies by The Henry Ford Institute have cleared it.
    Also ivermectin has been cleared in the US .
    Sources "TrialSite" on YT also Politico "Faucci's dirty secret" on YT.
    This bloke is suppsed to be a doctor but hasn't got a bloody clue about medicines that would end this entire farce tomorrow?

  4. HYDROXYCHLOROQUINE;100% effective,safe and readily available,also acts as a vaccine even on mutation.NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS.
    IVERMECTIN:100% effective ,safe and readily available, NO ADVERSE SIDE EFFECTS.
    I don't think it's really that difficult to work out.
    The first two would end this complete farce tomorrow (all of it from quarantine to facemasks).
    So why aren't you all asking your MP questions?

    Please forgive my intrusion, but I hope MPs' aides read comments on your channel.

    I've been at it again; writing to MPs

    Dear Sir Christopher,

    I write to thank you for standing-up for our liberties, in the face of adversity, by arguing that this nonsensical lockdown must come to an end.

    I would strongly urge you to consider crossing the house and perhaps joining Reform UK.

    I have written in the same vein to other libertarian MPs such as Steve Baker MP, Sir Charles Walker MP and Sir Desmond Swayne MP.

    I truly hope you give my suggestion serious consideration.

    Yours Sincerely,

    Goss Kamperis

  6. Saw the Twitter page and your despondent tone. Keep going- there will only be a minority that will listen. From the Merthyr/ Newport rising to the suffragette movement, the masses don’t want to rock the boat, we are genetically programmed to worship. As GK C said. Once you stop believing in God you will believe/worship anything. Look how far us Welsh have fallen. The rules are now so absurd and contradictory that you have to be insane to believe it…but we do! 7 stages of empire- we are at the end – weak people give way to totalitarian greedy powerful despots. The. Yale
    Starts again for Each new empire. Check out the UK column talks on the long attack on the west ideological attack on all parts of society. Art of
    This process is
    Schooling- it’s th last place we should put our kids. Remember what the English elites did to us. Welsh Not. Without Christ I don’t k ow how any in the alternative media can make it through this.🙏🙏🙏 keep going. Evil will eventually trip itself up. God laughs at them psalm 2

  7. The one track narrative being forced upon us… This Might wake one or two up, just a tiny hope as most are blind, deaf and stupid

    Before you blindly follow any more draconian rules read this 👇

    • Why did a Cambridge PCR test study of 10k people show 100% of their positives to be false?
    • Why are there many videos of empty hospitals?
    • Why are the Nightingale facilities being silently dismantled & closed when there was a big hoo-ha when they were going up? Isn't it fantastic that we don't need them or do they not want you to know that?
    • Why is there video after video of people pretending to administer vac*ines?
    • Why does 2020 have the 14th highest overall world death toll in last 30 years?
    • Why are there not masses of homeless dying from it on the streets?
    • Why does hardly anybody know anyone that's died only from it as opposed to with?
    • Why are any deaths being marked as Co*id up to 28 days after a positive test? Particularly as we only have to isolate for 10-14 days after one.
    • Why has it only taken the lives of 388 under 60s with no underlying conditions in the UK?
    • Why have the Goverment not banned toxin filled food, alcohol and cigarettes which kills a ridiculously far greater number of people with awful cancers and such like if they really care about health?
    • Asy*ptomatic transfer is now debunked, so why are we still using this data to enforce restrictions?
    • Why are we still using Neil Ferguson as our "expert" advisor, when he's failed to correctly predict pandemic numbers for the past 20 years?
    • Why are people being sent text messages from NHS saying they've tested positive when they didn't even turn up to the test centre?
    • Why are we pushing a rushed vac*ine from a criminal enterprise that has broken records for claims, for a virus that is affecting literally nobody? That our immune system is dealing with on it's own in 99.8% of the case?
    • Why aren't we discussing healthy lifestyles, diets, vitamins C and D3 & Zinc etc… that can tackle this?
    • Why hydroxy*hloroquine being banned from shelves when it's been proven safe and effective against other conditions?
    • Why are we being assured this va*cine is safe when we have no proof? Same scenario with swi*e flu j*b 1976. Thousands claimed damages, was GUARANTEED safe.
    • Why are the police being told to act unlawfully in dealing with anti lo*kdown protests? Yet leave BLM etc alone?
    • Why are we only hearing one-sided arguments from "experts"? No debates, no alternative perspectives being addressed by the media/gov.
    • Why enforce lo*kdowns and ma*ks when, by their own data, it's proven they don't work…potentially even cause more harm than good?
    • Where is the Government's impact assessment on lockdowns? In Sept, Co*id was the 19th highest cause of death. 19th! Why are we not addressing the 18 others before it?
    • Why are we not informed about how long to wear a mask for before it becomes contaminated, which in turn is causing health issues like Bacterial Pneumonia?
    • Why were deaths marked down as Covid even though post mortems were not carried out?
    • Why are their not specific bins for ma*ks if this was so viralous?
    • Why are we told to use antibacterial santitiser when you need anti-viral to kill a vi*us?
    • Where has the fl* gone? 20k less deaths in 2020.
    • Where has pneumonia gone? 17k less deaths in 2020.
    • Committee of 10k academics constantly ignored.
    • I know people that have tested both negative and positive on the same day, how is this possible?
    • Why do the government and their officials keep breaking their own rules if they are certain of the severity of this vi*us?
    • Jan 2018 there was a fl* outbreak that saw a 42% increase in deaths, why no restrictions implemented?
    • Why shut down hospitality industry when it's been proven to only account for 5% of cases?
    • How are there still unoccupied beds in hospitals, when they're at capacity every winter?
    • Why do they insist on focusing on cases rather than deaths?
    • Why did we see videos in jan/feb/march of people dropping dead in the streets of china?
    • In July you were 3x more likely to die of fl* and pneumonia than Co*id.
    • Why, when they have already been caught in August exaggerating death figures, do you not think they'd do it again?
    • Why are they happy with their testing of this vacc*ne yet still need more time to trial can*abis?
    • Why do they only fact check Co*id related content on social media?
    • Why are they not comparing the rise in ca*es to the rise in tests administered? Plus… Why does it need millions spent via SAGE and The Behavioural Insights teams to influence (brainwash) peoples thinking?
    • Why does it need social media influencers to be paid by the Government to influence the masses?
    • Why does it need media celebrities like Paul McCartney and Ian McKellen influencing public opinion?
    • Why does it require a 24/7 sales and marketing drive?
    • Why have billions been paid out in none tendered Covid contracts been paid out to parliamentary chums for things like PPE?
    • How do doctors/nurses have time in 'war zone' hospitals to rehearse tictoc videos whilst 4.4 cancer appointments are cancelled?
    • Why are ALL NHS WORKERS gagged against speaking out against the one track narrative and are not allowed to voice an opinion and face the sack if they do so?
    • Why no word of the well documented Global Reset in the same breath when the Virus is so blatantly and actually being used to usher in this New World Order the Globalist Elite are so pushing for (as detailed in Rockefeller Lockstep 2010, UN Agenda 21/30)
    • Why no talk of the current huge shifts in wealth currently happening across the globe(trillions of pounds)
    • Why are the globalist elite making billions more money where 'lesser' people are driven to despair?
    • Why is there blanket silence in the mainstream media about the biggest protests in Indian history with millions upon millions gathering in Delhi?
    • Why no word of Event201.. a huge exercise of a Pandemic just 6 months before the 'real' thing? Surely they would mention this and say “dont worry.. we have practised for this very scenario” LOL.
    • How is it the very people who organised Event201 now have all the answers and are now making billions from the pandemic?

    The list of questions you can ask is endless, and if you think have the slightest bit of intelligence you might just wake up and start to question why the hell you are simply buying this nonsense🤦‍♂️

    People need to get a grip about what is happenning and how the world actually works🙇‍♂️

    What an absolute SH*T SHOW!!!

    Time to wake up UK 🇬🇧 rise up and take back your human rights and freedom

  8. So open the schools, open the pubs, open everywhere and screw the variants that are now showing up, such as the south African one, which the astra zeneca vaccine struggles with. I'm tired of morons, with no medical experience

  9. Sweden did no lockdown. After 11months UK and Sweden has similar case rate recorded. UK has 30% higher death count. Latest 7 day death average rate in Sweden is 50% of that being recorded in UK. Either lockdown and masks don't work or UK figures are inflated. Either way it makes no logical sense.

  10. I seriously can't take any more of this Lockdown; it's really breaking me down. Nothing to look forward to at any point of the day, or end of week; restrictions on the few activities we have left.

  11. You must question why very effective treetment were kept quite, hydroxycloraquin and zink or z pack, ivemectin zink have proven effective. You must ask why they want as many dead as possible.
    Why has the death rate in the elderly increased 4 fold since the vax was given. Neurenbourg coming???

  12. Just to let you know I'm a healthy person, eat healthy, no medication.
    I'm never ever poorly was enforced to wear a muzzle even with exemption in work
    I was harassed/victimized because I didn't want to take a pcr test, I was scared to take a test.
    I was enforced to take 1in the end,so I did on the 10th of December. I have been very poorly after taking that test, I know there was something in it FACT because I've never ever experienced symptoms like I had in my life. I can't go back to work thyv said because I have to take tests twice a week, well I'm not having another test due to being scared.

  13. When the dust settles…

    It will become clear that the MSM have failed in their duties; in stark contrast to some of the small players such as yourself that demonstrate Journalistic integrity.
    Without doubt your popularity will continue to grow.
    You’re a courageous Woman, Anna.
    Hang in there!

  14. They banned this, and people still won’t or can’t see what’s going on. The Schools weren’t a problem back then and most certainly aren’t the problem now.
    Shame on everyone of you backing this plan to harm our kids.

  15. if you r scared of covid then you stay locked up and isolate yourself from the world /family , but if u dont care of catching /dying of covid carrying on with your life

  16. Why Anna are you using the brain washed msm term 'staying safe'. This is very misleading and fear mongering. We never used this term before for all the higher risk life diseases out there. Not to mention 'accidents' which are part of daily life

  17. The hoax is all about changing people's behaviour… Are you ready for the mere climate crisis agenda to take over the headlines… Are you ready for your personal carbon emissions annual allowance? It's coming… Very soon.

  18. Yes here immunity has protected our species through evolution. So why did the WHO change it's definition last October? From mass immunity from either exposure to the disease or vaccine to exposure to the vaccine only?

  19. I wish Dr Rick was my GP!
    I wish these kinds of honest conversations were more mainstream. As much as I love you Anna and what you are doing on your channel, I am sure you will agree that, in an ideal world, your channel shouldn’t need to exist.
    I just wish I didn’t have to come to YouTube and watch channels like yourself in order to hear these kinds of discussions, it should be on every mainstream media platform as a standard.
    Just good old honest, real, balanced journalism

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