February 25, 2021


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Redefining Running + Confronting Racism: Mirna Valerio | Rich Roll Podcast

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23 thoughts on “Redefining Running + Confronting Racism: Mirna Valerio | Rich Roll Podcast

  1. Dang….I wear a Michigan t-shirt whenever I choose to run outside in my neighborhood. Just so white folks know I'm a college-educated runner who does not impose a threat… by running….not even joking. An Asian man was beaten up by two white women on the running bath in my neighborhood. Naperville, IL. Ridiculous.

  2. Thank you for this episode. Sadly, racists have crawled out even here and they can't see it in themselves or don't care. And then they say racism isn't real or isn't part of this or that situation being relayed. Very, very sad to see it on Rich Roll podcast comments.

  3. Is there plexiglass up in this room with separate air systems? Are people being tested in advance? I'm a little puzzled that I haven't seen anything about pandemic spread precautions.

  4. It's odd to me that she walks the trail thinking that everyone is judging her, that everyone hates her, just because they are white. That far exceeds the amount of time I spend thinking about skin color in a day. If I was leading a hike, and I was personally responsible for the health and well being of the people on the hike, you can bet your bottom dollar that I am asking the obese lady if she has enough water. She wasn't worried about you because of the color of your skin.

  5. I just heard this episode on Spotify and I must say: I LOVE HER. Really good talk and one of the best I’ve heard! This was a fun, educational, great energy, and important conversation. Love it, love it, love it!

  6. Having heard your first interview with Mirna I was so excited to see that you were speaking with her again. This was an important conversation, Rich, but why, oh why, did you not have her sing?

  7. She was a complete delight, and also incredibly inspiring. How many people, when given the "if you don't change your lifestyle you will die" talk by their doctor actually do something? She went straight from zero to working out 5 hours a day, and kept at it! That's grit and determination for you. Super inspirational – so glad you had her on.

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