March 2, 2021


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47 thoughts on “Reiner Fuellmich | Full Length Interview in Berlin | Planet Lockdown

  1. Tell him thanks! One thing I have been trying to hammer home the last few months on my Facebook page is we’ve joined government and big corporations why is Bill Gates got all this control over things. He reiterated that in this interview

  2. The dr who came up with the swab and testing of it just had a “heart attack “. Pray for this man. Jesus send a Holy hedge of protection over the sr and his family and those around him. In Jesus name Amen

  3. One of the first things the nazis did was find the doctors and scientists who were on board with them and put them in places of prominance and suppressed those that were not. They knew that the public trusts the science and doctors and would listen and not think

  4. Portugal court case finds government coronavirus legislation unlawful, upholds citizens' sovereignty and basic human rights to freedom, read the full case to find out decisions on PCR test, illegality of governments to legislate for medical provision and undermine doctor-patient relationship which is protected in law:

    Procedural Medium: CRIMINAL RESOURCES

    Descriptors: HABEAS CORPUS (unlawful detention)







    Summary: I. The ARS cannot appeal against a decision that ordered the immediate release of four people, due to illegal detention, in the context of a habeas corpus case (art. 220 als. C) and d) of CPPenal), asking for the confinement to be validated mandatory for applicants, for being carriers of the SARS-CoV-2 virus (A….) and for being under active surveillance, due to high risk exposure, decreed by health authorities (B…, C…. and D… ..) for having no legitimacy or interest in acting.

    II. The request made would also be manifestly unfounded because:

    A. The prescription and diagnosis are medical acts, under the exclusive responsibility of a doctor, registered in the Order of Doctors (Regulation No. 698/2019, of 5.9).

    Thus, the prescription of auxiliary diagnostic methods (as is the case of tests for the detection of viral infection), as well as the diagnosis of the existence of a disease, in relation to each and every person, is a matter that cannot be performed by law , Resolution, Decree, Regulation or any other normative way , as these are acts that our legal system reserves to the exclusive competence of a doctor, being sure that, in advising his patient, he should always try to obtain his informed consent ( 1 of article 6 of the Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights).

    B.In the case that concerns us now, there is no indication or proof that such diagnosis was actually carried out by a professional qualified under the Law and who had acted in accordance with good medical practices. In fact, what follows from the facts taken for granted, is that none of the applicants was even seen by a doctor, which is frankly inexplicable, given the alleged seriousness of the infection.

    C. The only element that appears in the proven facts, in this respect, is the performance of RT-PCR tests, one of which presented a positive result in relation to one of the applicants.

    D.In view of the current scientific evidence, this test is, in itself, unable to determine, beyond reasonable doubt, that such positivity corresponds, in fact, to the infection of a person by the SARS-CoV-2 virus, for several reasons , of which we highlight two (to which the issue of the gold standard is added, which, due to its specificity, we will not even address):

    For this reliability depend on the number of cycles that make up the test;

    For this reliability depend on the amount of viral load present.

    III . Any diagnosis or any act of health surveillance (as is the case of determining the existence of viral infection and high risk of exposure, which are included in these concepts)carried out without prior medical observation of patients and without the intervention of a physician enrolled in the OM (who proceeded to assess their signs and symptoms, as well as the tests they deemed appropriate to their condition), violates Regulation No. 698/2019, of 5.9 , as well as the provisions of article 97 of the Statute of the Ordem dos Médicos, being liable to configure the crime of usurpation of functions, p. and p. by article 358 al.b), of C.Penal.

    IV. Any person or entity that issues an order, the content of which leads to deprivation of physical, ambulatory, freedom of others (whatever the nomenclature this order assumes: confinement, isolation, quarantine, prophylactic protection, health surveillance, etc.), that does not fit the legal provisions, namely in the provisions of article 27 of the CRP , he will be proceeding to an illegal detention , because ordered by an incompetent entity and because motivated by a fact for which the law does not allow it.

    (Summary prepared by the rapporteur)

    Date of the Agreement: 11/11/2020

    The case is in Portuguese but if you open it up on Google does it option to translate into English.

  5. Dr Fuellmich's amusing comments about Iawyers who are devoid of emotional intelligence, seems to be a widespread phenomenon – our clogged parliaments are full of them. Today I read an article about Australian laws making it almost impossible to prosecute corruption and hold the powerful accountable, while MPs no longer feel any obligation to explain or even excuse behaviour involving unethical or illegal activities. We need more Reiner Fuellmichs on our side.

  6. I am pleased to report that a national class action is now underway in Australia thanks to Advocate Me. They have evidence that our Governments are not applying their own laws and are introducing draconian legislation that overrides the Constitution, the Biosecurity Act 2015 and Human Rights legislative frameworks. As a result healthy people are being treated as suspect COVID-19.

  7. Not once has the chief medical officer (ireland) suggested that the general population take adequate vitamin d and vitamin c in order to stay healthy. I wonder why.

  8. People will be subject now to pressure from family and old friends. This will make life even more difficult for us.

    Many will waver now, it will be difficult not to join with the sheep.

    About this date, the time of Trump's departure will be seen in the future as the time when the great tyranny was unleashed by the One World Order. Please support each other as much as possible.

    1. The Covid -1984 genotype has not been isolated at all.

    2. It is a hoax for the New World Government.

    3. The PCR chain reaction is meaningless and not diagnostic of anything

    4 The diagnosis is subject to authoritarian overlords who are paid to favour Covid

    5. The total mortality rate all around the world is slightly less than in 2019 in most countries in the West

    5 The so-called Covid variants are invented

    6. The Vaccine is a Messenger RNA injections, in other words the disease itself.

    7 It is a tyranny and we should be out there in the millions dispensing with our Governments,

    8. The vaccines are untested junk

  9. Very uplifting video, especially the part where he said we're going to see a lot more legal push back than what we're currently seeing. Fills me with hope for the future, which makes a nice change right now.

  10. There's no listing for him on wiki, despite having important landmark successes involving big business in the past. Can't find a bad character witness?…. just dismiss him altogether.
    Wow, wiki. No more donations for you

  11. This is not about health they want u dead just face it and ur digging ur grave. Btw Satan can never make me wear a mask I ain’t scared of him I am a fighter. Who are u

  12. Thx yu Dr Reiner fir everything! I fight the tyranny propg evil Plandemic Gov face muzzles I named them The Coyote Fear Eyes Mask Peopke/ turned evil! They fight with me everytime I go in the store! I hve to be angry assertive, do the mutants get away from me! I will never back down I am so grateful to you, yur family and team! I’ve been studying everything from the beginning of the virus! God blessed me with knowing the truth, that something wasn’t right, can’t wait for the Lawsuit to become action! Thx yus for everything Snc Deb from the gov muzzled state of RI

  13. Lets share good information in a clear way, its needed more than ever!

    "Dr"Fauci on false positives and PCR cycles:

    WHO finally admitted PCR false positives(dec14.20):

    Here one can see the inventor of the PCR test, Gary Mullis, talk about how it works:


    Serious lawsuit on both sides of the pond on PCR false positives scam:


    Best channel for data and science behind it I know of, debunks lockdowns and more:


    50 NEW BILLIONAIRES! Can You Feel The Love?


    "You will own nothing, and you will be happy" – Rex van Schalkwyk:

    World Freedom Alliance. They are doing great work. Many doctors and other experts. I think they to got a lawsuit coming:

    The Great Barrington Declaration. SIGN THIS!

    So far 727,160 concerned citizens, 13,290 medical & public health scientists, 40,200 medical practitioners has signed it!

    Ron Paul and Robert Kennedy Jr. -The big picture

    Stay United – Stay Strong! 👊

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