April 10, 2021


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Rejoice! The Mainstream Media Has "Cured" the Coronavirus! | Stu Does America

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29 thoughts on “Rejoice! The Mainstream Media Has "Cured" the Coronavirus! | Stu Does America

  1. Please make a video of Gavin Newsome’s bullshit. He went to a large Birthday dinner party at the famous restaurant French Laundry I spite of his own warnings. This is not the first time. He is causing deaths- hospitalizations among his own constituency. He also lied about it and said he didn’t know it was going to be a large party. What bullshit this man has everyday scheduled. I guess he’s just better than me.

  2. Okay when conservatives protest there is no looting there is no rioting there is no burning down of cities when liberals and Democrats protest there is burning looting terrorizing people imagine that

  3. I suppose all the rioters, looters, anarchists, murderers and cop killers had their masks on and we're social distancing while they were burning down their cities. The mainstream media is pure socialist/liberal bias propaganda. I can't believe anyone actually believes their lies. The media has zero credibility anymore. Zero! What's next, "My Struggle" and the Satanic Bible. It's brainwashing the kids that America is an evil country full of racists and our youth are just eating it up like it's undisputed truth. It's pure evil.
    The entire world needs to be holding China directly responsible for the creation of covid-19. The media needs to stop blaming conservatives and President Trump. China is the enemy. China did this to us and the rest of the world. Protest China you misguided people. The media is lying to you.

  4. They are singing I, don't have to pay my college tuition I, don't have to pay medical I, don't have to pay rent and I, don't have to work!😆😆😆😆 Wishful thinking.😂😂😂😂

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