September 25, 2021


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Remembering 9-11 and Getting You Banked In

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What were you doing and where you in remembering September 11th. We’ll also take a short simple look at El Salvador making Bitcoin legal tender and how …


8 thoughts on “Remembering 9-11 and Getting You Banked In

  1. Cool show! Very in depth, good clips. Don’t forget, regardless of the wallet app, users still should have their own private keys(w bitcoin and other decentralized crypto), so no one can confiscate the bitcoin. Money of the poor is a stretch, but I think it’s better than the dollar in many respects.

  2. The Bitcoin Beach guy says many people in El Salvador live in shacks with dirt floors & tin walls. I've never been there, and I wonder how they charge their cell phones & wallets.

  3. Hi Patrick …another great upload …many thanks !! RE: 9/11 check out …The Toronto Hearings – excellent presentation…though 5+ hrs long …very interesting !!

  4. Everything about the language the "Salvadoran government" used was highly suspicious. "Chivo"(cool) and "the government" giving each citizen $30 ??? Since when ??? It's a TOTAL TRAP and they are using El Salvador as a test , like they used Cuba as the first Socialist experiment . Cuban economy=to US state pre Castro. That female golem promoting bitcoin in El Salvador sounds like a NWO spokesperson. WHINY.

  5. The Fed is a private bankster set-up. Its main purpose is to fool people with its fake fiat, to enslave them via interest rates and transfer all property from the people to central banksters. All their talk about inflation and employment is only to manage people's perceptions and extract maximum profit for themselves. They view people as their slaves, cattle, sheople to be exploited for bankster profit.
    Therefore, what The Fed GOONS are thinking or planning with "tapering" or "interest rates" is all centered on what they need to do to profit from the collapse of their fiat fakery, which they know is inevitable. Hence the SCAM-demonic COVer operation.
    My view, along with Pento, is that the GOONS won't "taper" but will increase their profligate fiat confetti to buy up stocks and companies too, as the Japanese have done over the last 30 years. They can't raise interest rates beyond a symbolic tweek because it'd rapidly collapse their system, whereas they can profit more keeping rates low and increasing fiat supply like a drug to keep people sedated while they're being fleeced & slaughtered.

  6. I expect that the silver gold will be used to protect Christians from the persecution coming on the earth. We are in the end days now open your eyes and make the choice Jesus christ or the anti christ. Everybody serves somebody.

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