April 10, 2021


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Reopen rebellion: Alberta sports bar owner defies lockdown 36 hours after surgery

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37 thoughts on “Reopen rebellion: Alberta sports bar owner defies lockdown 36 hours after surgery

  1. From a concerned US citizen. Tho, addressed to my fellow US citizens…the sentiment applies to our neighbors up north…

    My response to 'mask mandates' –

    I've got enough sense to refuse to jeopardize my health x cutting my O2 intake x 30-40% & regurgitating (inhaling) my own exhaled carbon dioxide x strapping a filthy "bacteria basket" to my face; just cuz some power hungry wannabe "dictator" (who has zero authority to issue such a totalitarian decree) says I need to wear a Face Diaper! Never have, never will!

    Just say NO to these wannabe tyrants! This is AMERICA! Have we all gone completely mad? We are a free people! It's not a law! & these politicians & bureaucrats can NOT circumvent the US Constitution (The 1st Amendment) the highest law in the land, by mandating muzzles!!!

    We are NOT in a "state of emergency"! By definition, a 'state of emergency' has a specific axiom that precludes any perpetual duration. It also has a legal definition, of which, this madness has absolutely no correlation!

    It's time to rise up & resist this oppression! Actually, it's long overdue; we should've never given them a foothold into tyranny. Life lesson for a free country – Let's end this madness now & never let this bs happen again.

    These 'people'/politicians (who are supposed to be servants not 'rulers') should be immediately removed from office & hung from yardarms; or at the very least…banned from ever holding public office (as the Constitution demands) They took an oath to defend the Constitution against enemies foreign & domestic & yet they have become the enemies of that most precious document & thus to the people it represents.

    Someone once said –

    "Those who would give up liberty for security deserve neither" –
    Benjamin Franklin

    "Give Me Liberty Or Give Me Death" –
    Patrick Henry

    Words Of Wisdom

    250 yrs ago, we fought & won a revolutionary war over a lot less government overreach then this…

    Whether foreign or domestic…
    It's our duty as American/Canadian Citizens to resist tyranny!!!

    Thank you Rebel News!!!

  2. Absolutely everyone must listen very carefully to what is happening in the world!

    — The ONLY reason case numbers are so high is because the Polymerase – Chain – Reaction, (PCR) mass testing are radically too sensitive, resulting in an overwhelmingly high false positive ratio, having zero to do with any active infection whatsoever.

    –This is Criminal and the media, science community and politicians that are perpetuating this narrative are knowingly stacking the numbers and must be held accountable. If the mass PCR testing ended today, the pandemic (by definition of an actual pandemic of lethality rate NOT case numbers) would literally be over tomorrow. This one factor alone, is driving the false data, narrative and hysteria, NOT science! "All mass PCR testing must Stop immediately!!

    — Whistleblowers, truly crimes against humanity! PCR testing essentially garbage, causing mass fraudulent C19 cases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5fznDgRHInM

  3. This is nothing short of tyranny! My grandfather fought against this in ww2! The ploiticians(all of them) should pay back every dollar they have been paid for the last year and not receive a single penny until this scamdemic is put down!

  4. Open 4 Business LIST – Alberta:

    John’s Gym – Bashaw
    Max's Drive In – Bashaw
    The Noble Fox – Bashaw
    Arcadia Cafe – Beiseker
    Big Valley Inn – Big Valley
    Jennie's Diner & Bakery – Bonnyville
    Lakeland Grill – Bonnyville

    Erskine Grill – Erskine

    Wheelers Roundabout – Little Smokey

    Whistlestop Truckstop – Mirror

    Tavern Steak Pit – Patricia Hotel – Patricia

    Mom’s Diner – Red Deer
    Blue Bird Coffee Co – Rimbey

    Char’s Railway Cafe – Smith
    Hockey Central – Sylvan Lake

    Olde Country Inn – Valleyview

    Gina's Sugar Shack – Wildwood


  5. I believe this is one of the purposes of The Great Reset. To bring people back to the important things in life, to start loving their neighbour again, to have purpose in life. It depends on your Viewpoint.

  6. Well i think its time to report this to YouTube, this is fake news, normal isnt not wearing a mask, its following the rules, which include wearing a mask and keeping distance at all times untill the virus is defeated! 🐑🐑🐑🧟🧟🧟🧟

  7. It's illegal to go inside a restaurant and eat a burger and have a drink But you can apply for cerb and the government will pay you to sit at home and smoke weed I wouldn't be surprised if AHS did home deliveries

  8. Once again, proud and independent Albertans lead the way. Politicians at all levels need to be reminded that they work for US. Not the other way around. Time to end the tyranny.

  9. I don't understand why there are less than 5,000 signatures on that petition, as of this comment. It's good that there are close to 5,000, but there should be 5,000,000.

  10. Nice reporting Rebel News Alberta's Jason Kenny just announced he will allow Albertans next week to open restaurants.
    Politicians do have a conscience not like Ottawa.

  11. This is going to backfire on the government so bad because it’s making people realize just how important freedom is!!! And we will fight for it whatever it takes!!!! God Bless Rebel News! And my fellow Canadians!! 💪🏻🇨🇦

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