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Replay or Reset Slide (Captivate tutorial)

Recently I published an article about this topic. On my personal blog it got an amazing amount of views in a short time. Although it has been published here as well, have no idea if someone ever read it.  I prepared a supplementary tutorial to show some specific use cases. It is meant just to allow you to see differences between the proposed workflows.  Even if though I fear it will not be viewed neither (the tag Reset is not even available in that very long list) here is a copy of that tutorial.

It is using design elements of the Quick Start Project Safety, but I didn’t use any interaction because I prefer creating the actions myself (lot of shared actions as usual).

Why do I often use QSP slides? It makes it easier to answer questions about them when they appear in the social media.  Sorry that I rarely use the provided actions because they seldom do what I want to achieve.

For those who are curious, here is the tutorial:


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