The Metaverse has already proven to be a great place for humans to hang out in their virtual forms. However, it is now rapidly becoming a safe haven for our furry friends as well. Take the new partnership Decentraland has made with Fosterverse for example, which will see a rescue dog fostering service take up residence in the Metaverse.

A Dog’s (Digital) World

In a January 24, 2023 post, Decentraland informed users that they can foster a real rescue dog on their Metaverse land. 

As time goes on, the Metaverse is becoming more and more real to us and incorporating aspects of our material world. No longer is it just a matter of being able to chat with others or watch performances on platforms like Decentraland. 

This sort of initiative not only makes things more exciting with the addition of pets but also does good by offering support to rescue animals, and should this be a success, we could see even more furry friends make their way into the Metaverse.

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