March 4, 2021


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Rescue Fantasies

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40 thoughts on “Rescue Fantasies

  1. I've never really imagined being saved…but sadly certain stalkers I've had…assume i do …or that I need to be. Maybe in some way…I do…but this iis very informative.

  2. It is what it is neither dark nor light it is what it is. There is either should or should not and you have the truth and the key within you to uphold your boundaries of desire truth compassion love and all that it means to you… mean mean mean is also a triangle so if you’re stuck notice that if you are feeling judged by yourself because you feel torn then help yourself to the truth that there are different meanings to any and all words. Speak your truth but know who you are and only you know you through process, observation… just don’t be afraid to get close to others to open up. The truth will set you free but the road to self discovery is yours and you may have that boundary and you also have the freedom to open and close anytime because your joy is your peace and your peace is your desire and passion and you can do whatever you want so are you knowing wanting experiencing yourself? Of course you are and you have personal power to choose your way the way you Independence

  3. I’m 24, have been in two long term relationships and realized that I subconsciously have a rescuer fantasy. Both of my girlfriend were in victim roles. This opened my eyes to the fact that I like to help people and that’s great but I’m always trying to be this saviour because I seek validation and I have my own insecurities. Perhaps I subconsciously seek partners that are struggling because it makes me feel better about myself and my growth but also at the same time I can focus on their insecurities and save myself from having to ruminate about my own. Moving forward, I plan to rescue myself of my own insecurities and build a lifestyle I can be proud of so that I can then find someone that I feel is on my level and we can mutually empower each other to become better individuals rather than seeking the imbalance that comes with this recuse fantasy.

  4. Rescue fantasies are within both sexes and are influenced by the protection of the species that is built within our genes. Woman have it too and it acts as a motherly instinct to rescue men, especially those who don't behave maturely so they think they can change them. This also explains why women are attracted to the stereotypical figure of the "bad boy", they believe they can rescue them from their prolonged childhood but it doesn't work like that.

  5. Rescue fantasies??? Actually I've saved a few people from either death or severe injury…but that's not fantasy, just happened to be there. One morning around 8 am, I set off from my mountain cabin to gather firewood, as I was driving along the forest roads I came upon a woman standing in the road waving her arms at me. I pulled my Jeep up to her and rolled down the window, she said, "Can you help me? I've been lost and spent the night wandering here in the woods!" The long and short of it, I told her to get in the Jeep, and took her back to my cabin where I fed her and took care of her and kept her for the next 22 years. It was a good life. The story got written up in the newspaper and she thinks I'm a hero….which I am.

  6. I think this video should maybe have some type of child warning on it. I started playing it for my teen, thinking it was going to give somewhat of a different message and it embarrassed both of us. Thank you

  7. I have had rescue fantasies. But that's more of wanting to be rescued, by an equally vulnerable guy. I am severely attracted to tragic, misunderstood, anti-hero type characters. Dark and vulnerable who have a tormenting past, which makes them all the more mysterious. So I feel the need of being with such guy, who can understand me without saying a word. Afterall, who else can understand you better than someone who has been through pain?
    I want to be rescued, by the one who needs my comfort.

  8. I do have them. Partly because I have suffered from depression all my life and just simply can relate a LOT better to someone who is struggling than to the happy go lucky "LIFE IS AWESOME! WOOOO!"-crowd. Also because to me, admitting vulnerability deepens an emotional connection a lot more than talking about your last trip to Bali

  9. If they don't want to be saved they shouldn't cry for help on social media. I. E. The poor me mostly made up sob stories with hundreds of guys saying the same thing below in the comments. It's not help you want it's the comfort of recognition and attention. We're all just older versions of our child selves.Do you have any idea how illogical it is to want to be understood while constantly sending out false misleading information? It's scary but show yourself and the other might remove their proverbial mask as well.

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