September 25, 2021


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Retired Generals Call For Military Takeover In France

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24 thoughts on “Retired Generals Call For Military Takeover In France

  1. Our government needs to get tough, we need to fight all the outrageous rubbish that's going on in this country. At least France has someone to stand up for their country…..we have no one, just a soft bunch of idiots in government.

  2. You're so full of shit I can't believe it ! They did not call for a takeover they asked the Gouvernement to do something about the wave of violence and anti-french spirit exploding in several parts of France

  3. The religion on peace is a big problem across Europe and the world. France is already lost like Sweden. Time to make a stand against the war against the rest of humanity. The war on the non isl-mic has been going on more than 1400 years.

  4. Agree with it, except that it shouldn't be the military, it should be the threat of the public that coerces these people to change policy. Why America has and treasures it's second amendment, has nothing to do with hunting, it's about keeping the actual POWER of the state hard-checked by the power of not just the military, but the people as a whole. Piss off too many you risk an armed uprising, the same would never happen in Europe unless it comes from very corrupt military establishments and that should scare Europeans

  5. The eu is falling apart and the harder they try to keep control of it all the quicker it falls apart, surely by now all the remainers have changed their stance?

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