May 13, 2021


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Review: Divided by Tim Marshall

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25 thoughts on “Review: Divided by Tim Marshall

  1. Don’t feed the trolls.

    The cover of anonymity allows individuals to deliberately post inflammatory comments and messages to provoke, disrupt and upset others. These trolls may pretend to be part of the group, but their real intent is to create conflict for their own amusement.

    If a behaviour is rewarding, an individual is more likely to do it. But if they don’t receive that reward, then their motivation to engage in this behaviour will likely diminish. So, deny them the pleasure of an angry response.

  2. @ 7:02 –> 7:39 … Watch it Caspian Report and Tim Marshall …
    The SJWs and others will label you as "Racists" and "Nazis" for
    stating the reasons for the fact that some people in some places
    should control/lower their birthrates (for their own good)!

    It isn't only Africa that has this problem; other places in the world
    exist where poor people either can not or choose not to limit
    their offspring to a number that they can support without outside
    aid (e.g. From their own government, NGOs and the UN!)

  3. The big problem for most host countries isn't really due to walls or no walls, it's due to the legal system, especially in regards to seeking asylum, that hamstrings any attempt at long-term solutions.
    For example, if a boatload of people arrive in Greece, Italy or Spain, those countries should have every right drive them back to their port of origin. Sure they can feed them and act like normal human beings, but offering asylum should be entirely in the hands of the host country. Essentially, to apply for asylum you would need to ask before entering the country. That's what for example the Finns did when fleeing to Sweden during WW2. Otherwise you are entering illegally and should by definition be deported.
    If asylum seekers commit crime, the host country should have every right to deport them, even if they risk further punishment upon arriving in their home country.

    Until that is implemented, the misrule of the MENA countries will continue to function as valid form of government, and the rest of the world will suffer the consequences.

  4. Demographics are destiny.

    The more Mexicans we have, the more our country will be like Mexico.
    The more Syrians we have, the more our country will look like Syria.
    The more Africans we have, the more our country will look like Africa.

    Having more people is good for a country, especially a democracy where so much emphasis is put on improving human capital. Immigration solves the problems of low birth rates and attainment of skilled workers.

    However, the heritability of political ideology is well supported, and with sufficient demographic changes, we could cease to be a democracy.

    This is especially likely when immigrants come from disproportionately non-democratic and authoritarian states.

    It is vital that we find a way to accrue skilled workers and prevent the aging of society without significant demographic replacement.

  5. My personal take on the book is: most walls are built out of insecurities and a personal desire to maintain power over those trapped or barred. Such fear usually comes with reason as those across can be very hard to integrate massive amount of foreigners, offer jobs to all, maintain continued economic growth, or threaten the security of one's state.

    In my opinion the world is leading to an other step of Continental Unions (European Union, African Union, various South American trade blocs, Central America, and possibly North America), yet there are still massive hurdles to overcome in terms of economic, cultural, social, nationalistic, and ethno-religious barriers that at the moment can only be solved by fences.

  6. Hi, your review for the book 'Divided' has inspired me to read the book. It would be very interesting and informative if you could do a history review of 'China'.

    Thanks and best wishes for your future work

  7. Eminently grateful to you, Shirvan, for your stellar book curation — your titles in recent weeks and months have added wonderfully to my personal library. Your reviews are incisive, fair, and entertaining — as is almost all of your content.

    May I kindly ask if you add US, Canadian, and European versions of your Amazon store as it is more advantageous for people to purchase books and merchandise in their local currencies rather than — in many instances — the more expensive USD. My only critique, alas.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this new Marshall read! SAGOL!!!

  8. Could you do a "The Three Faces of Chinese Power. Might, Money and Minds" Review? Or ponder a bit over it in your other formats if you haven't done so?

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