April 20, 2021


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Review: Last War of the World-Island by Alexander Dugin

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26 thoughts on “Review: Last War of the World-Island by Alexander Dugin

  1. Fascinating thinker but he's clearly blinded by his love of country. Russians are heading towards demographic collapse while Muslim minorities keep growing. Russia's geography is as vulnerable as ever and their economy is based entirely on extracting materials and is vulnerable to trade disruptions. They should worry about maintaining a sovereign nation more than conquering Eurasia.

  2. Russia is too weak. The only thing russia had was man power but now they cant use it because its so low. Also russia is poor compared to other european countries so it cant intervene

  3. I'll agree with Dugin that the Russian State will eventually disappear from the world map, based on demographic data. Also, social, ethnic and intergenerational unrest are now rocking the US and Europe, but will soon rock Russia as well. The last generation of Soviet partisans is turning 70 now, what will happen when they're too old?

  4. Dugin presupposes that the nation (or warring civilizations) are the source of political conflict. The predictions that Shirvan attests to does show that Dugin understands geopolitical security, from the Russian standpoint.

    In reality, the source of political conflict (and power) is profit. Dugin ignores the ramifications of the fall of communism – which include an opening for western liberal (capitalist) empires to exploit NEMA and the Balkans. This in turn creates new grievances and adds momentum to existing contradictions, all on Russias doorstep.

    The World Island theory completely presupposes the nation, and arbitrarily assumes only two nations of peoples can have power. In reality – a German French alliance and also China could both rival Russia. Iran, Italy and Turkey are all regional powers. And East Africa may actually break out of colonial imperialism in the coming century. And what's up with India? Pakistan? Vietnam? All of these nations are very formidable…

    The Western Hemisphere, per my understanding of World Island Theory as explained, also includes the UK, Australia/New Zealand, and South Africa?

    The problem is that it is obviously presupposing this Anglo/Russo conflict as a priori and eternal. It ignores other power centers, specifically east of Russia. The best proof is: why the focus on Germany and Turkey, why not China and Korea? Where was mention of Korea, and merely cursory mentions of Japan? Thats the UK of the Pacific- if you believe in World Island Theory (of course, that could be in the book but missed making it into the video)

  5. There are only 4 major powers in the World Island. Iran, India, Russia and ofcourse China with perhaps Vietnam n Japan being minor powers.

    Russia already has good diplomatic relations with Iran and India, both considering Russsian military supremacy vital to there own Survival. If China can be negotiated with, then a Asian Union is possible without the outright destruction of China as advocated in the book…..and then a World dominated by the World island will no longer just be rhetoric.

    Ofcourse in a diplomatic Union alliance, Russia will not be the sole dominant power but it will surely give her the stability and security within Asia to enable her to focus on Europe, the Arctic, the Pacific and elsewhere. The other major powers would also definitely benefit militarily and economically while jeopardizing all minors around the periphery of the Union.

    While this is definitely a far fetched fiction for now, especially considering that China and India are engaged in active hostilities in the Himalayas at this moment, the tides of time can surely change the course of history.

  6. Always loved to watch this channel for the interesting information and deep insights on political topics, but this made me sick – advertising book of this opened fascist Dugin, this is ridiculous

  7. Alexander Dugin's point of view is the attitude if shared by many that will enable Russia to be tied into the Globalist Agenda, and a One World Government.

  8. A good friend explained to me the last war will definitely include Russia, Germany, France, Iran, China, Turkey along with two countries in Africa . The enemy will be Israel. That will be WW4.

  9. Dugin is a mad dog but what he says is right, geography has made Russia enemy with Europe and America and even if temporary policies of peace are implemented their destiny is conflict. What type of conflict? Only time will tell.

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