September 29, 2021


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19 thoughts on “RICHARD HEART: BITCOIN $10,000 NEXT and FORKING ETH!!

  1. That's still basic assumptions… Why not invest your crypto on certainty using proper knowledge and understanding of the essence and beauty in crypto through diversifying which gives you an edge 3x above the crypto market cap

  2. Richard Heart is the Trump of crypto if anyone hasn't realized yet. He exposes things that were usually hidden. He knows the problems of current crypto and he is trying to make crypto what it was meant to be. NO middlemen. Fk the Exchanges- thieves!

  3. And someone like Richard, will also be shown to be wrong unfortunately. We are at a crossroad where people who have been around in crypto for 6+ years can either hug their PTSD or throw it out the window. This is something else.

  4. I put the vape down when RH started dropping those knowledge ? ‘a from the beginning

    If we know better we should strive to be better.

    Loved the content covered in this episode ❤️

  5. 30:50 so pancake swap with 100x times lower fees and stakes that provide liquidity across all price range is not making a world a better place. When Uniswap's newest version encourages whale manipulation when they can drive the price to certain levels to collect enourmous fees that people are forced to pay, not to mention all the failed transactions that just add the fuel to to the whole thing.
    Everything else you were talking about so far is super informing and im very thankful.. except this ;).
    In short, Pancake swap is just better.. apparently at least 100x better.. right?

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