March 5, 2021


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Richard Madeley: Lockdown doesn't work, this pointless game of hide and seek must stop

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Broadcaster Richard Madeley says lockdown doesn’t work: “This pointless game of hide and seek must stop… we’re not going to defeat this virus by running …


44 thoughts on “Richard Madeley: Lockdown doesn't work, this pointless game of hide and seek must stop

  1. Sunetra Gupta believes we may be underestimating how many people have had the virus and fought it off. FLORIDA ditched all lock down social distancing three weeks ago result NO SECOND WAVE NO SPIKE EHY ARE GOVERNMENT NOT LISTENING TO REAL DATA!!!? Come next election boris and his crew will be out along with fellow marxist ideology creatures labour party. Laurence fox has state a new party that, get this will listen to the people who elect them!! LAURENCE fox has my vote already.

  2. lock down will not work if you dont do it properly, you did not beat foot and mouth disease or mad cow disease by moving the cows around, isolate and you have to stop movement of people

  3. My Mum was misdiagnosed not once, not twice but three times with Covid, refused a test (because she was refused admission) and sent home! She died in agony of cancer (that had only been diagnosed three weeks earlier) on June 5th.

  4. Brazil, whose president rightly resisted any lockdown and was internationally castigated at the time, has had per capita Covid deaths no different to the UK despite all the lockdown and money spent in the UK. When you include excess UK deaths from other causes UK figures are considerably worse than Brazil. Then factor in all the economic damage and long term harm from being stuck at home and you realise that not only has the UK government measures achieved nothing, but at massive cost they have made things much worse than if they had done literally nothing. And as for that trot Sturgeon, I have no words.

  5. Re the Corvid 19 virus hysteria, its starting to look like the Swedes (with some reservations) are going to make us all look stupid. I can well remember the very serious 1968/69 Hong Kong flu pandemic, nothing like these levels of hysteria.

  6. Lock down care homes and hospitals.Advise vulnerable people to self isolate.Let the the healthy population get on with it. 99.75% of healthy people under 60 who contract covid 19 get over it no probs !!!!

  7. The general public need to rise up and take to the streets over this fake pandemic which has been dreamt up by governments to control the masses.
    Thank you Richard for speaking out,we need more like you👍

  8. Yes it does not work I have been staying in apart from going for walks with new born baby in March… Nobody visiting and husband wearing mask because of my health issues… Guess what baby got a virus I have been cleaning like a mad woman…. So go figure… All healthy people should be allowed out and people should decide if they want to shield.

  9. The government Covid propaganda is very similar to Blair’s Iraq Weapons of Mass Destruction Propaganda and lies. Like the Blair government they are scaremongering because they have a hidden agenda that they are pushing through regardless of what the nation thinks……the Government is the danger, not Covid.

  10. It has abated and the peak has gone!!..The flawed tests that pick up all kinds of common cold and dead virus are just adding to the fear factor. The false positives are over 90% …..IT IS OVER

  11. It's not a medical pandemic but a volontary economic melt down. Machiavellian plan to level out the pporest and the middle class for the profit of an uppercrust always craving larger profits, monopoles and obscene privileges.

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