April 20, 2021


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Richard Manning Discusses the Merit Act, Civil Service Reform

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This was clipped from our #DeepState Unmasked Investigations. To learn more about Richard Manning’s work and the Merit Act, visit www.firetheswamp.com.


25 thoughts on “Richard Manning Discusses the Merit Act, Civil Service Reform

  1. Man PV has kinda went dark after the midterms…. I'm guessing you guys most likely ran into insane voter crimes and might be in the middle of serious investigations. The dems are so bold and arrogant, easy targets.

  2. I live in a country that has been run by tyrants for a long long time. Warmongers…the only time they liked Trump is when he threw missiles into Syria. The Democrats are a vile and worthless bunch of corrupt and inept persons. Never believed id see the day that our countries laws would hold us hostage by our own government. But our Founding Fathers did. Thats why we have the 2nd ammendment. We need to excercize this right. We also need to have militias again and take back our federalized national guard and put them back in the states and communities they belong in. We need our "gold standard" back and need to run the federal bank back to Europe where it came from. While serving as a government politician you should nit be able to have an active portfolio or have a money scheme to get rich from insider information using laws. See they know by the laws they pass what "goods" will be needed. So what they do is sit on that info until they buy into those companies that have said goods. Then when they r sitting pretty with the boards of company or are pretty large stock holders they oass the law. Makes them rich virtually over night. Now that is illegal but there is no punishments or trials or arrests or investigation on this matter and i believe its one of the main causes of corruption within our government. They need to know we have the power not them. Many politicians need to go to prison not be allowed to resign. PRISON. And fk the IRS. Thats a scheme they use to get rich as well

  3. Please consider using your reputation and fanbase to respond to the virtual repeal of our Clean Water Act effective mid December. If you believe that this is an Obama-era regulation as the media conglomerate, look at the Cuyahoga River fire, every nonhuman animal which looks for water along rivers and ponds, and try again

  4. The only person who gave this clip a 👎 exposing his flagrant contempt for American law and ethical standards, is GAO employee, Natarajan Subramanian. He genuinely believes the law does not apply to him and is delighted to brag he can't be fired. Very disturbing.
    Thank you, Project Veritas for the work you all do to expose the corruption everywhere.

  5. Should have never hired them in the first place. Almost every federal employee prior to be hired has to fill out ethics forms and take tests on ethics. These people clearly lied on all of them. Lying on Government forms is not just unethical is against the law so they should be in jail as well.

  6. Illegals cost us $18.5 billion a year in medical care but Trump wants $5 billion to build the wall. You do the math how many walls that could build for the cost of one years worth of medical care for over 22 million illegals.

  7. I admire these Jornalists, these are the real jornalists. I am so proud of them. I thank God for their life. may God continue to bless and protect him."
    i am praying for you to continue making wise choices and being a positive role model to this generation.

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