28 thoughts on “RIP David Dorn! #BlackCopsMatter | Good Morning #Mugclub”
  1. Does David Dorn’s life matter? Do you even know who he is? Do you think the story of David Dorn and other African Americans killed by violent rioters will be covered by leftist media?

  2. Admittedly, I'm still fairly new to your channel and have been watching mainly the "change my mind" series. But in finally deciding to actually scroll through the rest of your content, I found this video. I haven't watched it yet, but THANK YOU for you actually posting about this! I swear this poor man was mentioned for about 2 seconds (if even that), while all those idiots rioting are just destroying whatever the hell they want (including their own damn neighborhoods and people) for "justice!". This was such an unnecessary tragedy, but you won't see this on any main stream media since it doesn't support anyone's agenda. People are so hell bent on wanting to make sure they're so "woke" these days that they don't realize just how closed their eyes actually are…

  3. Hey StevenCrowder I think some of your facts about the George Floyd incident are wrong now this video was a month ago so maybe all the facts weren’t out yet but was wondering if your team had gone back through all the released details

  4. My grandmother said: "If we were all blind, we wouldn't be able to judge people by the color of their skins!"
    I kind of wish we were blind now, so we could have some human decency towards each other… 😒

  5. I work at Sonic and I thank every police officer that I see, since they need to know that not every person in the country takes them for granted.

    I mean I also do this for military, medical personnel, firefighters, and so on since it's the least I can do for the people risking life and limb to keep me and everyone else in the community safe, but still.

    Oh and also no dog goes uncomplemented as well.

  6. David Dorn should be the hero of a man that the people protested for:>( instead they barely mention his name even though the other man whom was a criminal whom harmed a pregnant women in the past/ even if she was a drug addict doesn't matter. George Floyd didn't deserve to die the way he did at all and neither did DAVID DORN:>( David Dorn was a father and a grandfather as well which makes it an even sadder situation oh well atleast someone got a free television and made a hero die alone with one man / one stranger with Compassion by his side showing that LOVE still does exist and young men can still care for a stranger. P.e.a.c.e 2020 All Lives Matter especially good lives like DAVID DORNS LIFE.

  7. David was probably a good man, but he worked for a institution that uses force to intimidate and harass, maybe even kill people to get them in check, and are encouraged to do so because they’ll be able to keep all their military grade guns, trucks, and gear that will be used when that one school shooting or terror attack happens on Christmas Day, 3561.

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