36 thoughts on “#RisingQs: What would an American populist uprising look like?”
  1. I've always told my far left pseudo-revolutionary friends that Americans will not violently revolt against the government until they really cant feed their families or provide shelter for them. Well that day is here. It is disturbing to see the disconnect of the police from the citizenry from which they sprang and which they are supposed to serve and protect. The entitled apathy of those we elected to lead our country. I really fear a rumblings of an avalanche. We talk of uprising and revolution with the smug assumption that OUR version will not involve gunplay and military actions. Thats why our leaders feel so complacent. They think American exceptionalism includes peaceful resolution. That's a myth. Historically revolutions are violent. Imagine a Kent state where the students started shooting back. Now imagine a whole city, a whole state like that. Imagine police and military refusing to obey orders to fire on their own people. Imagine mass defections. Revolutions are messy and they don't always turn out the way we like. All it takes is a spark. all the ingredients are there.

  2. To many people are used to the "boot on their throats".
    You can tell who they are by listening to them cling to, and even defend, the Democratic and Republican parties as if they are helping us.
    Time to let the useless parties die off and go away. Vote the bastards out.

  3. The arc of history does actually bend toward justice. Unfortunately for the American people, justice applies to everyone in the world, and it is unjust that Chinese peasants build our phones for slave wages. Global capital efficiency means we take a hit, and we're taking it.

  4. An uprising in America? Never going to happen. Americans love sitting on the couch in front of their televisions, eating and boozing themselves to death, as they just get by paying there bills. It’s pathetic actually.

  5. Tell the government keep sending them stimulus checks because that's the only we out of this mess , Socialism saves capitalism ! The leader never read or cared about information he was getting leading up to this disaster and he still gets a pass!

  6. When revolution does come to America, it will be from the right and carrying a cross. They are the only ones united of purpose, armed to the teeth, and willing to impose their will on others. The left? There is no left, just programmed victims….

  7. I think Bernie's aborted finish to his capaign was a major deflater……We know the Primary was rigged…Bernie would never acknowledged that.- We are sick of the horrible 2 Parties.- And the 99 % have been battered.-

  8. How can she say that no one is standing up for the people and taking the flack for them. What does she think trump has been doing for the last four and a half years having a party.

  9. The masses have not shown any significant signs of pushing for change. We are well into the process of losing the power to fight back. Our democracy is gone. In its place is a meaningless tradition that offers no real choice. The ability for the average citizen to organize in meaningful ways has been eliminated. We have given all of our important rights away in organized labor and state surveillance. We have climate change and automation bearing down on us. Our ability to change the course is dimming every day. We are anesthetized with this naive belief things are just going to magically get better someday, or some hero will show up to save the day. We're are nearly out of time.

  10. Sanders movement got flushed, get over it. If you label propagandists hate Democrats so much.
    Then stop pretending and join the Trump led GOP. You'll fit right in. They love ignorant hacks that bash Democrats with lies, labels, and baseless accusations.

  11. I would like to expand on Saagar's statement that "normal sucked." Normal to us commoners means being able to go and do what we were allowed to do before the pandemic restrictions got out of hand. I don't know who's asses your trying to kiss with your comment.

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