March 2, 2021


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Riverside Calvary attracts bylaw officers but no fines on Sunday after $2,300 ticket

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25 thoughts on “Riverside Calvary attracts bylaw officers but no fines on Sunday after $2,300 ticket

  1. Theyre going to harass and ticket and shut you down. Go big or go home. Stop the mandates. Letting in 25 and distancing and masking and replacing soap and water with sanitizer toxic baths… you will still get your fines. So stop limiting who can come in and who has to wait and who has to go home.
    Just show up and call it a protest. Because protestants are by definition protestors

  2. Traditionally, churches have been very helpful for medical assistance, expressing freedom of speech on social issues and freedom of assembly for peaceful protests. None of these things would bear fruit for Bonnie Henry and her Bill Gates handlers. That's why they are restricting church services.

  3. Funny how this all is spoken like a tattle-tale. Do we all see this as it really is? An attack on your faith and community…Jesus said: "If they hate you, remember they hated me first.."

  4. Looking at all the steps they took to sanitize the place, this church is probably safer than any other place out there. Good for them for feeding the real need people have.

  5. Maybe make a movie of your church having church?
    Many are with you and thank you for your part in strengthening the church, even beyond your body of believers. Thank you.

  6. Close the Marijuana shops,booze stores,bars,saloons.
    People need churches on the corners not all of this other stuff that discourages healthy behaviors.
    Statics show that those who have to go to church on Sunday need to lay off the booze and drugs to be there in the morning.

  7. Fear not, as sheep in the midst of wolves, Christians need to be as wise as serpents and as harmless as doves! Thank you Riverside Chapel for living this out. Thank you Rebel News for reporting on these things.

  8. To prohibit places of worship to be used for gatherings of believers for the express purpose of worship but to sanction the movie industry's use of places of worship for the purpose of making films is hypocrisy at its lowest. It's obvious that BC officials want to trample over Christianity and Christians.

  9. And they murdered my mother and a mentally challenged man 61 UNLAWFULLY using euthanasia! And they are fast tracking Bill C-7 killing children and disabled! And if you try to get a lawyer- if you are a senior citizen, child or disabled Nope B.C.S UNFAIR UNLAWFUL DEATH LAWS are 174 years old! Out dated!

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