May 12, 2021


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Romania's Abandoned Children Living In Inhumane Conditions

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35 thoughts on “Romania's Abandoned Children Living In Inhumane Conditions

  1. Secular Humanism/Atheism and its evil ideological offshoots like Communism /marxism/socialism/Nazism are such a profound evil and have such devastating long term consequences to any society.
    And this is what they're preaching to our children every day in schools and unis throughout the West these days! 😡
    God help us and be with these poor childrens. 😔🙏

  2. Si cada uno de los que comenta aquí , adoptará a un niño o niña son casi 6400 personas que estarán en un lugar lleno de protección y amor. Si queremos que el mundo cambie debemos comenzar por cambiar nuestras acciones y si no podemos adoptar al menos podrías ser un padre de acogida. Les recomiendo esta película, ya que nos da una gran lección como el no hacer la vista a un lado cuando veamos un niñ@ de la calle, ya que solo está buscando algo que comer, acercarnos demostrando que no le haremos daño es un gran avance. He visto como muchas personas los hacen correr cuando solo buscan como subsistir en un mundo peligroso lleno de depredadores sexuales, traficantes de órganos y otros para el trabajo infantil. Los gobiernos no hacen nada por ellos son sólo víctimas de un gran sistema, hijos de padres irresponsables, familias en pobreza extrema y orfandad. Si pudiera los llevaría a casa y brindarle todo el amor y protección que buscan. En muchos países y ciudades existen los programas de casa de acogida, sería nuestra manera de ayudar a un niñ@ inocente que no tiene la culpa de estar en la calle. Depende de nosotros que el mundo cambie, no basta solo con pedir a la justicia divina esta en nuestras manos hacerlo

  3. if only i have the power and money… i will adopt them all 😭😭😔😔 they dont deserve to be alone..they deserve to live happily and enjoy life and everything that life has to offer..😭😭😭

  4. They'll be deeply traumatised later. I was like that. My mum didn't give fuck about me and couldn't care and was too selfish and my dad had left so we've been just like that. I've stopped crying and stopped existing and no identity outside of pain. It's awful to not have a mother or a loving figure in your life. No love is the death sentence to your soul.

  5. Mafia copiilor din azilele de copiii din România ! Daca vrei sa adopți te plimbă 2 ani ca să renunți plus mulți bani pe care trebuie să ii dai la diferiți funcționari corupți !

  6. "im not a specialist and all… But their kinda under retarrrd!" What is going on? I keep watching these and have yet seen one real professional. They actuallu had a dentist for dying babies. This is obsered. The parents are to blame

  7. I dont understand why westerners do their best to make my country look like living hell? They have even worse conditions in Ukraine,Bulgaria, Belarus, Molodva etc.. why dont you go film them? Why the fuck do you hate Romania so much? We are a clean, white, christian european country no differnet to the west, but all you show is this! This happened so long ago, no one even talks about it here, why the fuck are yall so intrested all of the sudden. Fuck you.

  8. I remember seeing a documentary on 20/20 (I believe) about Romania's orphanages. This is in the early 90's if I remember right. I was 11 or 12. And I still remember it. That's why I looked this topic up… prayers and the best wishes to all the orphans still without a home… without a family. And R.I.P. to all the ones that didn't make it🙏🌌👶🏼❤

  9. Finaly realy proud to leave that hole dark place to find Québec Paradise! Thank you to my mom and dad who adopted me! Because i think not i will still be again alive to live in that country’s! Arf never!

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