May 13, 2021


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22 thoughts on “Royal Mail & Amazon Text 📞 Scams ⚠️ Don’t Fall For It

  1. Had a call today saying my national insurance number is being suspended and I've been doing illegal activities and Iam going to be arrested press 1 to speak to an officer don't press anything its bollocks

  2. Received scam text saying parcel undelivered today Sunday and it has been returned to depot. It then advised to follow the steps for redelivery. I suppose there will be millions of these texts because it is Mothers Day today. What horrible people.

  3. Thanks Alex I’m 70 and have to admit sometimes a little forgetful these days (lazyness on my part I think and being stuck at home for so long). My point is thanks for bringing up the Royal Mail scam and Amazon’s. Almost everyday for a few weeks I’ve been receiving calls from ‘Amazon’ stating that £380 will be taken out of my account and if I have a query to press 1 on my phone – this is my landline. My husband usually puts the phone down but this week I decided to press 1 to see what happened. I do useAmazon regularly but never for such a large sum. An Indian lady answered and told me she was from Amazon and that a David somebody? From Manchester had used my name and made orders. ( I didn’t give her my name). This lady said I won’t ask you for your bank details but I think you should know this is happening and she asked me to go online. I made out that my iPad wasn’t with me therefore I couldn’t go online. She became agitated and annoyed with me and shouted but don’t you want to know this David’s details. I put the receiver down. After telling her this was the fourth time in a month Amazon had done this and I knew it was a scam. Thanks for bringing this to everyone’s attention as sometimes it feels rude to question callers. After this and seeing your video re your gran you will give vulnerable people the confidence to say what we feel. I am learning to do this albeit a little late! 😘 thanks for your videos we watch you every day. Keep up the good work, you’re great. Xxx hope your gran is well.

  4. Best advise if was ever given is… don't answer your door or phone or mail as majority of the time someone is wanting something from you. It could be information or borrowing something or MONEY. Even people approaching you want the time or a light or a cigarette, they want something. If you want a happy life ACT IGNORANT and don't even regret it.

  5. I recently received call sound foreigner, and said I am from such a such company and you want to invest in some money to proceed I need your Bank details and give a link to contact and I said your a Scammer and after my money I cut the call and he immediately after rang again and booked this number.

    I do remember making inquiry to find out investing a small amount in Amaazon.

    Please becareful

  6. Just remember, if it is genuine they will know your full name, if you get a call from a real person saying you owe money then ask them, "what's my name?" or if it's tax related ask them, "what's my national insurance number?", they won't have the answer. If it's your bank then go to your online account and check your alerts or messages, never follow links in emails. I had a load of PayPal emails saying account on hold, account suspended, please update your security settings etc. I simply logged onto my PayPal account to find the truth. It's important we all educate everyone we know who might fall for these scams.

  7. There is also one about your Internet and phone from BT they ring u up and say there a fault on your line and there been problem with your account… Asia accent…but I had last laugh I said problem is dipstick there no BT in India and the line went dead instantly 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. the email app makers like Microsoft and Gmail need to jump all over this . The senders email address should be the boldest most highlighted information so you/the app security can tell immediately if its a scam

  9. Yes, I gave my Bank Details to a Scammer and it was for an old account that was shut for two years two days later he rang back very very pissed off like he was going to come down the phone and rip my throat out. I then told him to do one and put the phone down

  10. My favourite scam was one apparently from the HMRC telling me I was ‘aligible’ for a tax refund if I clicked on the link etc. Did make me chuckle. Still, what about the biggest scam of all eh? You know, the one that’s affected nearly every single person on the planet, that’s been going on since the beginning of last year? Such a massive scam they even spell it with a capital C and include the year they came up with it.

  11. & today an HMRC! My friend got cleared out by Amazon Scam, if you get a call, do not call Amazon, they intercept your call, get into your phone & clear you out! Do not call Amazon!

  12. Don’t open the “mail”. Copy as much detail as you can. Then contact the supposed sender to notify them. I have a couple of these scams every week.

  13. If I clock the number I write it down or dial 1471, I look up who called me on the internet to see what has been posted. Unfortunately, a lot of people do not have internet access ie my mother 86 yrs old. All I can do is let her know about the ongoing scams. She is getting smart now she says 'I do not speak to unsolicited callers'.

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