May 12, 2021


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Rudy Giuliani Brings Witness Forward to Expose Shocking Claims of Voter Fraud

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29 thoughts on “Rudy Giuliani Brings Witness Forward to Expose Shocking Claims of Voter Fraud

  1. This guy, who’s an expert, says the Dominion machines were connected and manipulated through the Internet.

    Sorry Rudy. The judges said there was no evidence of fraud and laughed you out of court dismissing your lawsuits and mocked your allegations.

    The evidence is probably on a USB thumb drive. And since you didn’t find any, the case for fraud was dismissed out of hand. The end.

    But this guys testimony tells a different story. Now we will never know what really happened.
    Case Dismissed!
    The Swamp Won.
    Devious and deceitful.

  2. The Judges dismissed all of Trumps lawsuits so the Election is over. Whatever they did, they got away with it all.

    The Swamp won and are installing an old Swamper as President.
    God help us All!
    God help America!

  3. He is brave and I know there has got to be others that know these things. I believe Barr is ignoring because he's afraid, I think the Democrats wield a lot of power and he's maybe afraid that there would be fighting on the streets if these things are brought forth in court, because it's obvious that it's really hard to correct the Democrats. We wait for Durham, I sort of understood that he has no one to back him up and was afraid that it looks like bias for him to name people etc. But since James Comeys attorney working under him changed wording in an email, it's obvious that a percentage of those working in fbi like Peter Strozk and Lisa Page hated Trump and other agencies, what else could we expect, they think they know what's best for the country and do you really think those close to HIllary, Biden, Pelosi and Obama were going to allow Trump to win again, NO WAY. It's just so obvious that thing were put into play months ago, and that they would just keep saying no, no, no, and the courts would say, this isn't enough, even with republican judges, unless they can see the fact that the machines were easily manipulated, they won't believe what others tell them. And we don't see these things on the news, it's covered up, CNN would find some reason to say that this army colonel was paid off to say these things, that's all, they always have an agenda to protect the Democrats.

    If enough republican young people know these things, they possible would gather up and go to DC and demonstrate before Biden gets sworn in, but that means bloodshed, because those on the Left do not want that to happen.

  4. Dominion makes machines that cheat in election. If you are caught with a bomb, you are arrested because it is believed you intended to use it. If you buy a corrupt voting machine, you intended to use it.

  5. Chris Krebbs of DHS stated that this was the MOST secure election in history. Someone should have had him site the LEAST secure election in history.

  6. What is shocking is that he is still at it, despite Trump racking up 40 losses or more, on the taxpayers dime. That's a lot of courts, Rudy.

  7. Rudy’s witness claiming he drove more than 100,000 ballots from New York to PA, where they disappeared over night, believes ghosts follow him across the country. He also believes ghosts went to North Korea where they were put in shipping containers and sent to many states to vote for Biden. Rudy’s witness Melissa who was an IT consultant for Dominion voting machines only in September completed her 12 months Michigan probation for her conviction of using computers to commit a crime.

  8. For those that don't know…Military law supersedes civilian law in cases of National Security. The military could overturn the Supreme Court….especially if evidence of insurrection is found.

  9. How can any official after hearing that these machines can be hacked in many levels believe it was a fair election. Our citizens are going to find it hard to trust any voting machine here on in and the politicians.

  10. Dominion is treacherous against the people of the United States and our constitution. All monopolies in depth and loss of freedom. They must be punished according to the law.

  11. Does not matter. The president elect benefitted so nothing will be done. Our election system is a farce; it will remain so, and forever be a farce.

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