February 25, 2021


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Russia-Ukraine standoff in Kerch Strait

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50 thoughts on “Russia-Ukraine standoff in Kerch Strait

  1. Ah dammit Caspian report, you went so long without sponsors! I won't distrust you guys for it though, I'm certain you could've had actual bad sponsor deals that could clearly put you in a biassed spot.

  2. 6: 18 You are confusing reason and a consequence, pal. US and EU was involved in Ukrainian crysis from the very start and actively developed its course to where it is now. They wanted to take as much as they can from Ukraine, and then Russia moved in to simply take part in the process that already started just to pervent themselves being left behind. Kind of like it was whith Poland before WW2.

  3. where do you get your facts from ?? you don't provide any links and sources. you repeat the Russian propaganda that the Ukrainian economy is faltering but thats not true, its actually growing at over 3 % while Russias is below 1%.
    Also the Ukrainian army is strong enough to thwart Russian offensives, in fact t they have done so in the east since 2014.

  4. Panamamax class ship's have never been entered the Azov sea (as well as wide variety of smaller classes). Main problem for them is not in bridge but in Azov sea depth. It's Maximum is 13 meter, maximum draft for ship to navigate the Azov sea is 8 meters, draft of Panamamax ship is 12+ meter. Kerch bridge is hight enought to allow navigation of any type of ships that could navigate at Caspian sea, so from that point of view there are no any economical borders for Ukraine made by this bridge.

  5. Вы там ебанулись? В Азовское море физически не пролезут грузовве корабли такого класса! При чем тут высота моста, вообще?! У Украины есть порт Одессы и то, что объем торговли сократился виновата не Россия с Керчинским мостом, а общий упадок экономики Украины.

  6. we all know Putin wont let them use the strait because he wants them to the eurasian union, and the USA and the EU dont give a sht. Use the Dniepper jeez! Solve the problem!

  7. Recent developments show that Trump is on the way down. His influence is declining in the US. His hold over Republican legislators is decreasing. The Russian tinkering in American elections is becoming a hotter issue. Putin's view of military power as the prime determinant of national power has blinded him. His policies are isolating Russia economically as well as politically. Their economic isolation will prevent Putin from reaching his goal of the rebirth of the Russian Empire.
    It is as if Putin sees the world through the lens of Tsarist Russia before WW1. He has elevated the Russian Orthodox Church to again being a partner in controlling the Russian people.
    His ignorance and misunderstanding of the true sources of power in the modern world will ensure that things end badly for Russia.

  8. Re: Russian readiness
    Among the people former Soviet Union they informally adopted one child policy. Because of the economy, that policy persists to this day. Military losses like these are very, very painful in that part of the world.

    They have a call sign for this: Gruz 200 or Truck 200. It is where the Army collects the dead. Russia can start wars but can't finish them

  9. There has to be a cushion area between the western Europe and the Russia to avoid direct conflicts, unfortunately that job falls to the people of Ukraine currently. Just take one for the team.

  10. Its rather curious that you mention Poroshenko´s fall in popularity as a potential motive for provoking the incident but fail to mention a similar fall in popularity on Putin´s side thanks to his reforms that you had mentioned earlier. Why?

  11. Martial law came in real handy for Poroshenko, it did put the elections on hold. For those who don’t know, Poroshenko has a bad rating and the opposition is stronger than he is. He had a civil war for years, yet he didn’t impose martial law. And then, shortly before an important summit and not long before the elections, a little stunt and voila – martial law -> elections on hold -> Trump/Putin meeting didn’t happen.

  12. You haven't said some important things:
    1) Ships was moving from 1 Ukrainian port Odessa to another Mariupol/Berdyansk – hard to call it provocation
    2) Ukrainian ships was attacked and captured after couple of hours waiting for permission to go through the bridge on a way home back to Odessa.
    Kremlin showed all locations in 20 km from Kerch.

  13. Shirvan, I enjoy your analysis on the whole, but your insistence throughout your video's of saying 'Russia annexed Crimea' reveals a distinct bias. Over 90% of the population voted to SPLIT from Ukraine. Over 95% THEN voted to request the island be re-integrated in to Russian territory. THEY sent formal requests TO Russia to be re-integrated. The whole 'Evil Russia annexed Crimea' mantra is nothing more than nonsense spouted ad-nauseam by the Western 'news' system.

  14. Russia is abusing of his power over Ukraine. What else can be said?? Hope Ukranian dont get dragged to war by the U.S. In a conflict with Russia the U.S will turn his back on the Ukranians, remeber South Vietnam, Somosa, Hussein and now the SDF on Syria. The EU should sit Russia and Ukraine to the negotiation table.

  15. This is very superficial report. It is sad that the host has become a victim of russian propaganda. I really was hoping to hear objective side of the story, not what we hear all day long from "russia today" channels. Shame on you!

  16. Totally wrong assessment of Kerch channel navigation and action in Ukrainian ports! First, the depth of the channel is not 18 but 8 meters, seconds, unloaded ships can always pass under bridge with ballast , and leaving Mariupol loaded vessels pass under the bridge

  17. If the Pro-American gov in Ukraine invited the US Navy in Crimeea, they could reach Omsk with nuclear cruise missiles.
    Also remember how the protests in Ukraine got McCain & Candies and the Yellow vests in France are told to comform with the law.
    Typical western hypocrysy, International law applies only when it suits their agenda. They have WMD stocks but punish any country which tries to develop them

  18. If any of you read Lord of the Rings, there's a country called Mordor, this is what Russia is. There's a leader Sauron aka Lord of Darkness, in Russia it is an ex head of KGB. Mordor doesn't care about the comfort of it's citizens(the Orks), all they do is pump those Orks up with promisses of world domination and let them live in dirty slums. When there's a war Orks generals do not care about tactics or strategies because supply of brave(brainwashed) Orks is endless, the easier you send Orks into death traps the better general you are.
    Mordor's aim isn't to make a world a better place, the aim is to conquer and destroy any type of freedom. The most ironic part is that there are "civilized" people in the west who are fan's of Sauron, who call him a saviour…

  19. Hello. I am from Russia. We in Russia do not like Putin and all politicians from the United Russia party. We in Russia have stopped watching TV as they are cheating. We have big meetings and the authorities hide it. We are very angry with Russians that Europeans have Russian people, these are stupid drunk thugs THIS IS NOT SO. We have taken to be smart and cultural well. As for me, the Ukrainian government did it on purpose. When there was a war in the east of Ukraine, martial law was not introduced, and when several Ukrainians were injured, martial law was imposed. Sorry for my English, I'm still in school and I don't know it well.

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