April 10, 2021


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Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Vote History Shows Why Trump MUST Nominate Someone to SCOTUS | Glenn Beck

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31 thoughts on “Ruth Bader Ginsberg's Vote History Shows Why Trump MUST Nominate Someone to SCOTUS | Glenn Beck

  1. here's the difference between the left and the right….Do you think that personal actions have consequences? like prosecuting rioters…….or they DO NOT ala defending abortion, the ULTIMATE act of people avoiding responsibility for THEIR sexual choices…

  2. So wait she thinks prostitution should be legal because of consenting adults but a woman living with bigamist isn't between consenting adults. Hypocrite

  3. She’s been held up as some kind guardian of liberties, but that simply isn’t true. Her record is rather an upholder of Leftist values, which isn’t the same thing. Frankly there is a change needed in the Supreme Court and it is that desired by the late justice Ginsburg or those who hold her up as some kind of folk hero. No, love him or loathe him, the Great Disruptor is right on this one.

  4. She was sponsored by the UCLA and was obviously pushing their agenda instead of doing her job as a Supreme Court Judge of the USA. I am glad she is gone.

  5. Like I said if we are being Hippocrates (though I don’t think they are) the situation is different! We have a Republican President and a Republican senate! In 16 you had a Democrat in the White House and a Republican senate! So Merrick garland would never have been confirmed even if there was a vote. So the Republicans just said why bother!

  6. I wish at least one of the Dems would vote for Trumps nominee as well.
    So when later on the votes are counted, the Dems would lose their minds.
    "We have a traitor in our ranks" xD

  7. Everyone of her arguments have the same drift, Lightness and Darkness together. Morality and immorality together. This concept is straight out of the Kabbalah. Sons of God and Daughters of men, Genesis 6.
    These Jews embrace the Antichrist.

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