September 25, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: Cable News, Partisan Media BLOODBATH As Ratings Decline To All Time Lows

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45 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: Cable News, Partisan Media BLOODBATH As Ratings Decline To All Time Lows

  1. 1) No more boogeyman named Trump
    2) Independent news is rising. People rather listen to Joe Rogan
    3) People are sick of being lied to. The covaids flipflopping really woke up a lot of people.
    4) Brian Stelter crying about Fox News isn’t really …news.

  2. That's why they constantly try to block all the great content on YouTube! Let's just do away with the shit show mainstream media already! I'm good with it, can't stand fox and what they did to sell it Trump.

  3. Everything is re-puked from the BBC Royals –
    Americans are disgusted with and SEE no difference of phony left and right , “ big is BAADdd”“right ), and “ small is beautiful “
    Royal attacks on the US and its peopleS.

  4. Listening to CNN and MSNBC actually has a negative effect on your mood and even your health. They disgust me and they are the ones in high school that no one associated with.

  5. I know l visit around just to see what is up or which channels are or are not reporting on the news that is important to America and Americans. I like some of the people reporting on NewsMax, as well as Fox, and a couple of others. As a Conservative l am happy they are available. I check into Forbes daily and have watched you two since The Hill. But l tend to move around.

  6. Saager I'd just like to say I seen U n Krystal bad mouthing Julian Assange n reading the cia mainstream media script that said Assange refused to take a shower refused to empty his cats cat litter box laughing because he's had to seek refuge in the Ecuadorian Embassy for 6 years along with Krystal being in lock step with Kyle on the slandering of Aaron Maté n Jimmy Dore this is such a disappointment I really believed in U until this all came out n I'm so glad it did U are unbelievably pathetic!!

  7. They always track the drop from the peak. That doesn't give you an accurate depiction of the drop. Going back the last four years, this recent drop isn't as bad as it's made out to be. Of course they know that, and in doing so this media outlet is as dishonest as the news outlets they criticize.

  8. And well it should be. All CNN and MSNBC does is talk about Trump all day every single day. Totally annoying and sickening every single anchor on both Networks Trump Trump trump Trump trump, I have totally turned off and stopped watching

  9. Why would I watch Fox News when the wife of the owner was jumping for joy screaming we got Trump after the election? Sure part of it is just post-election Blues but part of it they don't have orange man bad anymore and without Trump and with no one really covering Biden people are thinking why should I watch any of this s***?
    Oh yeah they covered Joe they asked him what kind of donuts and ice cream he likes. Lol. But the joke is on us.

  10. Not true. Most of my friends parents are “ Boomers “ . They’re fed up with the current political system as well as their kids. All are well educated with degrees. I think it’s more of our “Political “ Boomers ,and beyond that are greedy,corrupt corporate shills.
    Consider this. USA population approx. 350 million people.
    Out of those 350 million approx. 72 million were born between 46-64 aka “ baby boomers” .
    All those people are of voting age.
    Can ANYONE afford to blow off around 25-30% of voters.
    Remember there are many under eighteen years of age in the total demographic .
    ANYONE that feels they can blow off that large of a group suffers from extreme hubris …

  11. It's not fair to lump Tucker in there with the partisans. Yes he's ideological, but everyone is. He's not beholden to the Republican party and has no problem going after them. That's not being partisan.

  12. Im a fan but some ftriendly advice…dont turn on Jimmy Dore or youll get turned. Its important to be on the right side of this TYT drama (drama created by TYT). Dont get stupid like Ana and Cenk…….and Kyle………….

  13. Thank god for the 2 of you. Maybe others will follow your lead and start telling the TRUTH about what is really happening in the world. Cnn and msnbc are pure evil and filth and corrupt fake news garbage. Even the morning shows are garbage.

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