October 17, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: Fauci's Lab Leak LIES Cover For His 'Prototype' Vaccine Master Plan

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Saagar refreshes viewers on Dr. Fauci’s lies about lab leak and explains what his end game entails To become a Breaking Points Premium Member and …


28 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: Fauci's Lab Leak LIES Cover For His 'Prototype' Vaccine Master Plan

  1. fauci is a puppet. it's not like he doesn't have people 'behind' him telling him what to do. people even more evil that he is. just like biden has people behind him telling him what to do.

  2. I don't know man, you can link any 2 things with 4 degrees of freedom. So he worked on a thing which funded a thing that funded another thing that funded the research that may be the cause of covid 19. I'm sure you are 4 degrees away from Jeffrey epstine, doesn't mean you are responsible for girls getting raped.

  3. I try so hard to like Saagar and Crystal…. they try to cover some subjects with some centrist objectivity that is refreshing, but there are times where their enthusiam goes just a teeny bit over the line into the land of speculation. I wish all news media sites would provide a list of sources with citations for those who are interested in further research. Oh, I know, it is possible to 'just do it' alone. but if media news and opinion outlets such as Breaking Points would, in the minimum, give us some documented evidence regarding their opinion reporting, it would clean up a little of the fog surrounding the entire industry.

  4. I mean if you dont think that this research is useful ask yourself how they made these vaccines so fast. regardless of an accidental leak. this research is important to understand how viruses evolve. like it or not this research is most likely more important than its harmful

  5. "How about a Wuhan commission? How about declassify and reveal everything that went down there?" BINGO! That is exactly what we need! Oligarchy should not get away with weapanizing a virus that then accedently or not escaped the lab.

  6. How many people die at the hands of our for profit medical system?Now our for profit medical system is a threat to national security.Our own corporate oligarchy is funding it .Global corporations are clearly a bad idea. The only ones that are saying it's not are the ones who profit.

  7. This is great bc founding is a huge problem. If you’ve ever wondered why we aren’t driving around in water powered cars or curing cancer. Funding and also rich people buying patents.

  8. This is jingoistic anti science propaganda filled with weasel words and conjecture. Saagar, you have fallen a long way off The Hill. Are you trying to get a gig on Fox News? Shame.

  9. must stop all gain of function. must put fauci, gates, daszak, collins etc in jail for crimes against humanity. must hold msm responsible for suppressing covid treatment information using Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, zinc, d3, vit c etc.

  10. Beating around the bush, diverting, and escapism. This dude is guilty as shit. Even with this bullshit infrastructure bill, it has foreign governments as special interests in our transportation system a lot of other areas in our economy.

  11. my question is. is this really just about money / new vaccine tech? (No im not alluding to population control but who knows with this shit being so heinous)

  12. Not sure how well received a report from the Wuhan Commission would be, given the history of commision reports. 🙄
    I doubt China would allow any realmeaningful investigation anyway. Pressing China for answers, could lead to the beating of war drums. Or perhaps, a louder beat of the drum?
    It sure feels like the greatest scam ever pulled. Just release a highly contagious, yet not overly deadly virus into the world, then sell them some snake oil (refills extra) as a solution.
    The amount of money changing hands from world governments to big pharma must be astounding. Then to say we need to booster shots every year on top of that?
    Now that's what I call residual income earnings!

    I'm sure the further you dig into that aspect of things, the dirtier it will get… tread carefully!

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