June 17, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: How Should We REALLY Think About Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy?

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42 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: How Should We REALLY Think About Rush Limbaugh’s Legacy?

  1. 30 years ago Limbaugh should have figured out that media and their interests always win in politics. For that miscalculation, he’s barely an asterisk in american political thought.

  2. I pray that Mr Limbaugh reincarnate as a Black person born on the South Side of Chicago with every piece of memory from this lifetime. Oh please make that happen.

  3. Rush was never pro-conservative, pro-Republican, or even pro-America. He was all anti. Anti-Democrat. Anti-Left. And I'll say it, Anti-America.

  4. I just want to say that I am glad Rush Limbaugh is no longer able to continue poisoning people's minds. Good riddance. Thanks to people like Rush Limbaugh, I feel like I am no longer part of my own country. I literally have nothing in common with conservatives other than where I live. Their moral compasses are upside down. They make me wish I lived somewhere else even though the majority of people disagree with them.

  5. These guys are still ignoring the fact that people actually do have different views and beliefs and it's not just a few Fringe people but an actual following that has millions of enlightened individuals who find thier own truth and not just blindly follow propoganda. Both sides are terrible at regurgitation of the same bs and calling the other side delusional. All that matters is personal liberty and freedom and everything else is secondary.

  6. Saagar, you are confusing the George Will and Bill Kristol "conservatives" with Trump Republicans and there is in fact a lot of un-dismissed evidence of voter fraud. You need to watch the GA senate hearings. Consider that even per your observation, Trump got more votes than in 2016, that Biden got less black votes than Obama and yet Biden had more total votes than Obama, let alone Trump.

  7. While he had an occasional intelligent statement, most of what he said was just BS. BS designed to appeal to the worst of people and line his pockets. He lied constantly which didn't seem to matter with his viewers, just as Trump's constant lying didn't matter with his voters. Pretty pathetic statements if you ask me. AMF.

  8. Crystal, "… not matched on the Left with the same level of discipline…" when one of Rush's fave things to do was play reams of identical talking points the Left came out with the day after anything happened. Look up "gravitas"; it's a such a hoot, and you're obviously not up on the Left or the Right if you don't know all about it. But I am beginning to see your tendency to lie… you talked about the police coming out to get rid of people who were getting food out of a dumpster and made it the key illustration in a theme you covered, BUT, I find out from reading comments on that segment that the police came out because of an argument between gatherers and the store personnel, and the police didn't prevent them from gathering food. Either research what you're going to cover or shut up. You're doing quite poorly at your job.

  9. Conservatism seems to consist of little more than ignorance and fear. Dumb economic policies, antiscience and fear of "the other".

  10. PLEASE TALK ABOUT BALLOT INITIATIVES. These are the only way that the working class can hold corporate elite accountable and pass real policy that can help people. Marijuana legalization would have never happened without ballot initiatives.

  11. Krystal, its reasonable for you to point out conservative media following each other's talking points, but you said "that discipline is unmatched on the left." Seriously, in what universe? Your show doesn't follow mainstream media talking points. But, the left media networks are lock-step in their spewing of bs talking points in mind-blowing fashion. Your show points this out sometimes. So, what are you talking about exactly?

  12. Rush benefited from the piece of crap Reagan getting rid of the fairness doctrine…con artist grifters like Rush can’t survive if they actually have to present a non biased spin.

  13. Socially "conservatives" are 60 years behind America and that's why they must rely on low turn out elections to win. The left will always pound them on this and are not lying by doing so. Among other things, the QOP are the anti-LGBTQ, anti-choice, climate change denying party. This is simply incompatible with the 21st century.

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