October 17, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: IGNORE MEDIA, Here's Real Lesson From Saigon In Afghanistan

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30 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: IGNORE MEDIA, Here's Real Lesson From Saigon In Afghanistan

  1. Saagar is so on point. The press was not asleep, they were complicit. Also It was Never about training them it was about greasing the palms of military complex at tax -payers expense. (Shout -out to our corrupt politicians.)

  2. I'm no more a fan of Biden than I was of Trump but I can't help wondering if Biden was sold a bill of goods by his advisors and the generals and the CIA. I think it's totally possible because they didn't want to leave.

  3. The US has the best special forces in the world. I think if they wanted to win the war they could have done so. It's pretty clear there was no strategy to win the war in Afghanistan, but only to stay there indefinitely for profit. But nothing lasts forever, and US had to get out of there.

  4. Its been nast but its the way it is now. If it was trump he would have been called all kinds of things. And it would have been worse. Its a shame that we lost lives for nothing.

  5. I listened to a NY Times "The Daily" podcast today dissecting the US failure in Afghanistan. They talked about Afghan govt corruption and US policy stupidity and ineptness but made no mention of the real goal of the Afghan war — 20+-year gravy train of federal money to the war profiteers making hundreds of billions in profits and increasing the stock prices all on the blood of American troops and innocent Afghanis. We have learned nothing and will resolutely refuse to learn anything. Prediction: New war of empire in the next 12-24 months.

  6. This was no mistake. It was strategy. Now the US froze all Afghanistan assets and gold deposits. And they don't have to pay the country because the Taliban took over

  7. I have a serious question.

    Why is nobody talking about Dubai and the Saudis? Why aren’t they getting involved with these people who they share a culture with and who live in their own backyard? Why aren’t the terror groups targeting these filthy rich people living with western luxury and sitting in ivory towers on man made islands.

  8. MacArthur Foundation's PBS went so far as accusing Pakistan for destabilizing the Afghan government – 20 years after the fact that Indian intelligence emphasized the link between Pakistani intelligence, Afghan refugees in Sunni Quran schools and the Taliban.

    There's only one party to blame for the bloodshed after the end of the Cold War: Western liberals who preach 'universal values' and 'global governance'

    ('Soldiers of God')

  9. The "experts" in government who are giving us our covid orders have the same level of competence and trustworthiness as the "experts" who told us Afghanistan would be fine.

  10. Special forces were the only competent fighters in both Iraq and AFG. Iraq special forces stopped ISIS 7 miles short of Baghdad 2 years after American withdrawal. Why did they fail in AFG? Multiple fronts and no US airpower.

  11. I think getting out of Afghanistan was the right thing to do. Doing it without an evident exit plan was an apparent disaster. I am not buying it. I think there is definitely more to it than the rhetoric we hear. All these world conflicts we get involved in seem to end up with less than desirable results. While this appears to point out to incompetence, it could be as simple as the military-industrial complex not seeing the desired profit margin to remain in the conflict anymore. It seems to me that if the goals were truly as stated to the public, we would be much better at getting results.

  12. Oooooo so much truth here!! 🥲 my father was a Vietnam vet so this really touches me. I remember doing my research on that war and seeing this wrong: and living in a age of “we are helping the Afghans” it NEVER made sense to me thank you for this platform!

  13. This proves how incompetent the entire invasion was from the beginning. Vietnam should have been our defining moment that wars are just money makers and nothing more.

  14. Not only did the South Vietnamese hold on 2 years after the U.S. pullout but the Soviet dominated Afghan government survived the Soviet pullout for 3 years. This is an embarrassing disaster for the Biden regime.

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