March 4, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: Trump’s Missed Opportunities To Absolutely DESTROY Joe Biden

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26 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: Trump’s Missed Opportunities To Absolutely DESTROY Joe Biden

  1. Why isn’t the Hill talking about Hunters laptop? This is the biggest story in American history.Bidens Burrisma is vile and blatant quid pro quo. It looks like Joe himself got at least a 10% kickback. With his China e- mails it looks like Joe himself was getting a 50% cut. This is the guy who argued for Chinas entrance into the WTO as a developing nation. China was able to import everything into the US at the lowest possible tariffs. China took millions of US jobs and continues to rob us blind. For his efforts the Biden Crime Family Syndicate rakes in $20million plus from the Chinese Communists. This is corruption and treason at a level never seen before in America.

  2. Even Trump forgot his quip heard round the world: "Every one behind me is Corrupt!" I could hear people cheering from 2 blocks away! In Boston! He will now lose as a Real Republican! As Goobers continue voting for Terrorists & Murderers!

  3. It’s so funny that you keep knocking Trump and for some reason your ignoring the fact that thousands of supporters show up at Trump rallies. No one show up for Biden’s rallies. The polls you are referring to are obviously made up and fake.

  4. I don't know a single person that thinks we should keep the lockdown going. Mask up and open up is most of what I hear from family in the Midwest and west coast

  5. Look boy you do not know what Americans want the poles the poles my ass just like Hillary the poles showed she was winning and what happen The American went out and voted to a Man who loves America that why Americans Love Trump. You 2 people are so far off you do not know what we want we want Trump

  6. Oh no no no, I don’t think so you obfuscating charlatans! You present yourselves as level and fair on JRE but you two are just as duplicitous as Don Lemon and Fredo. You pretend that people saying they will “social distance” is = to “yes keep the country shut down and destroy our way of life for a virus with a 99.4% survival rate”. I’d love to see who and how you designed your poll to come up with the nonsense assertion you made. Trump absolutely has his finger on the pulse… ya know how I know? Because I,and the millions of others like me ARE THE PULSE. You can cling to your poisoned polling data if you want, but that will just show you haven’t learned a thing from 2016. You’re still viewing Trump-era politics through your 2008 neo-con and neo-liberal lenses. I don’t have the time to take down this video point by point, but know that you are discrediting yourselves into CNN levels of irrelevance.

  7. Would you two look into the reason for inflated Covid numbers: 1) the WHO instructed hospitals to report any deaths, despite co-morbidity reasons for death, as a Covid case (94% of the totals are co-morbidities, meaning the body was broken down with major syndromes that hurt its immunity and recovery possibilities, even those that came in with an injury were claimed as covid cases, 2.) Our Congress subsidized hospitals $13,000 for each Covid case, and $39,000 for those put on ventilators, so do the math on why most hospitals would report Covid as primary and secondary cases!!! Also, any patient coming in with anything, who had had a Flu Shot during certain yesrs, would show as Covid, or those that got a Sars vaccine would show as Covid-19. Then, the more people tested, the more shown to be Covid, which is a new statistic compared with Influenza of previous years, as most stayed home, and didn't get tested. Of those that died of covid, 84% were over the age of 65 or 85(?). You're got to help people lighten up on this and open up our economy.

  8. i would rather open the country up and let those who want to stay home stay home and those who want to get back to work let them. I don't need anybody protecting me from myself. mind your own business.

  9. The analysis given here is pretty accurate IMHO. President Trump is definitely not very eloquent and articulate in explaining things. All the Trump supporters that I know personally (including myself), thought that he lost the debate, because he basically shot himself constantly. He interrupted Biden constantly, when if he had let him speak, Biden's own words would have done more for Trump. Neither the Democrats nor Republicans have an actual pro-active plan for getting us out of lockdown and opening up the economy and America it seems. The Democrats seem to believe in magic with mass protests and riots not having any affect on increasing transmission of SARS-CoV-2. And the Republicans although in principal opening things up and concentrate on protecting the at-risk group of us old folks and others with compromised immune systems is good, I don't see a detailed plan on how to do it. Granted, the Democrats would disagree with anything Trump supports, but a plan should be worked out. The answers already exist out there in some European and Asian countries. Although they say they don't know what they are doing different to keep low mortality in spite of high infection rates, they are. This isn't magic. This is science – figure out what is being done differently, what circumstances are contributing to the low mortality, and make the changes here. It would be great if President Trump were to watch this video and learn from it. IMHO.

  10. Why would anyone ever think that Trump was a populist? Because he repeated populist talking point in 2016 even though anyone with half a brain knew he was talking out if his ass? Trump ihas never venn a populist — not even in his dreams Saagar seems upset that Trump isn't replaying the 2016 populist playbook even though he knows +just look at Trump's record) that DT was full of shit. Even his position on immigration is less about populist concerns and more about sheer racism and xenophobia.

    Ironically, Trump is being true to his unstable, nutty self. Calm down, Saagar.

  11. Later that week, take a guess at who benefited from Socialized Medicine? Biden is a jackass too. Medicare4all is NOT socialized medicine. Is government funded insurance.

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