September 25, 2021


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Saagar Enjeti: WH TERRIFIED, No Way Kamala Could Beat Trump

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48 thoughts on “Saagar Enjeti: WH TERRIFIED, No Way Kamala Could Beat Trump

  1. Drumpf and Kamala are both working for the billionaires… So they don't care who is the "boss" because their real boss stays the same no matter who's ass sits in the oval office.

  2. It doesn't matter how terrible she is; the Democrats are going to make the same mistake with her as they did with Hillary. If she fails, it will be the Russians, the Bernie bros,non-voters, etc…to blame. The Democrats are unable or unwilling to admit when they have a shitty candidate that nobody likes.

  3. Biden didn't pick Harris as Vice President, the Oligarchs did, simply because she is the perfect candidate for being subservient to their needs and doesn't stand for anything, most important for the Oligarchs is she hates the American people and doesn't care.

  4. Kamala couldn't beat Trump? !!! .. She will destroy Trump. How do you think Biden won the presidency… by CHEATING. Kamala will also do the same thing.
    Most Republicans are a bunch of spineless blobs and when they get their fair share of money, they will shut up and accept President Kamala.
    It is clear as a day !!

  5. kamala is extremely weak to a primary from her left. it has to happen, because the establishment may not be able to rally behind her in the same way during the primaries. 2022 is gonna be a wild year, too, with neolibs fending off just an absurd number of Q, and they sure as hell aren't gonna do that with harris. we really need to drag the talking window back in the correct direction with people who have actual fight and some surprise wins could happen.

  6. Please stop shilling to me at the end of every video. At least put it at the end of the playlist; it's making it hard to watch these otherwise.

  7. They’ll blame everyone under the sun for their failures. Doesn’t matter which one party system wins at this point. Losers will continue to be the American people.

  8. This is what happens when you make your selections based on race and gender not, competency and experience. This is why you cannot find a quality run city in The United States. Almost all of them have been run by democrats for decades. Just look at Chicago, Baltimore, St. Louis, Washington D.C. and Detroit. They're perfect examples of democratic cities that have been run by the dem's for decades that are complete and total failures. Look at what they have done to Portland and Seattle? Want them running your city or town?

  9. Kamala Harris stands for absolutely nothing and dare I say that that's even worse than just having bad politics. I can disagree with someone on the right but if they stand for something and hold true to their convictions I at least know where that person stands I don't have to guess since Kamala doesn't stand for anything you don't know what you get with her she will literally stand for whatever her donors tell her to stand for and it irks me to my soul every time I think about the fact that she is so close to being President even tho she did not get one delegates during the primary and then she was polling like 6 or 7th place here in California behind Yang! ?

  10. Kamala: "We've been to the border! We've BEEN to the Border!" ("Haha! The media and fact-checkers are all slaves to my party and me! Lester Holt has black, Indian, and Jamaican ancestry. He wouldn't dare! I can say anything without getting caught! Haha!")
    Lester Holt: "…YOU haven't been to the border…"
    Kamala: "Uh………….. And I haven't been to Europe. Hahahahahahahahahah!"

  11. The shame is that if she does run shes going to pull a Clinton and run on identity politics because that's all she has. She is a black woman and damn it if you don't want that for President. Just like Clinton I'd love to see a woman put up a good show there are plenty of women in politics that would do better then these men but these women are not the women we need. Clinton would have destroyed out country and so will Harris just like Bush, Obama, and Trump have done, and how Biden is currently doing.

  12. The only way Harris has a snowball's chance is for Biden to step down immediately after the midterm and for Harris to not say a word publicly or do any debates until the 2024 election.

  13. I think there is a good chance they run with DeSantis in the next election and I genuinely do not believe any of the "made" democrats can beat that guy. One of the few states that remained open and he managed to politically survive covid deaths in his state, unlike Cuomo. Miami is doing amazing now. Yeah gonna be very very hard to beat. Also I think he has incurred the most favor with Trump.

  14. She’ll get elected President with ease. She’ll just promise a bunch of shit that will never happen. Mainstream media will convince people that if they dont vote for the black lady they are racist and will be canceled.

  15. Kamala will push Sloppy Joe down a flight of stairs at some point because she'll do anything to be the first woman president and that's the only way it's going to happen for her LOL!

  16. Democrats have pissed of so many American Citizens that if they supposedly win again in 2024, IT WILL TURN INTO A WAR OF CITZENS VS POLITICIANS. MORE OF US THEN THEM. Past CIVILIZATIONS HAVE DONE THIS BEFORE AND IT MIGHT HAVE TO HAPPEN AGAIN.

  17. Harris is the Ana Kasparian of the Democratic party. Both seemed credible until they made unforced errors, and had their statements examined closely.

  18. It's either Joe or Kamala for their nomination in 2024. If it's Kamala the will absolutely run the racism and sexism allegations to deflect criticism

  19. There is no way this train wreck of a president and vp won legitimately. What a mess and the millions of people who genuinely like/love Donald Trump know these bumbling losers were placed in charge by a false ballot count. No way these two won – no way! They are a horrible joke and no one is laughing.

  20. All Joe's options were dreadful people for VP but he could at have selected someone competent. Now they're stuck with their diversity appointment

  21. I was so surprised they chose her. If they wanted some who is authentic in character and is both intelligent and black, they should have gone with Stacey Abrams.

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