April 10, 2021


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SACK Piers Morgan 😳 Shameless Hypocrite Christmas 🎄 Holiday In Caribbean 🏝 With Family DISGRACE

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Exclusive by Guido Fawkes! Can you believe this piece of work!!!! Has to be sacked! Whilst we’re struggling at home….. Support Alex …


48 thoughts on “SACK Piers Morgan 😳 Shameless Hypocrite Christmas 🎄 Holiday In Caribbean 🏝 With Family DISGRACE

  1. but didn't you say that Morgan was sacked months ago? Sure you did, but it seems you lied. And wasn't the BBC finished? You said that too, but….it's still here. Do you always just lie when the facts don't suit you?
    Silly question with the available evidence.

  2. Sad people worried about losing their homes and jobs and what they will feed their children,well i guess it’s the lives of the rich and famous, never going to change.

  3. Such a hyprocrite never liked him he should be sacked well for him he can afford to go on holidays while HHS are under pressure and so under paid. Total disgrace how he can show his face on tv while thousands loss there jobs, business, homes, families espically chikdren having to do without this Xmas.

  4. I’m not sticking up for anyone especially PM but have you ever broken any rules. He who is without sin cast the first stone. We are all hypocrites in something otherwise you’re not being honest.

  5. Different rules for the elite – did he get fined or did he go into isolation on his return? No – didn’t think so. And he has the audacity to lecture us. Big mouthed hypocrite.

  6. When morgan shouts at the MPS why does one of them not tell him he is breaking the law surely they are not that scared of him l would be clapping my hands with delight.morgan and his sons have broken the law and they get away with it they all go on holiday his sons protesting BLM he soon changed his tune saying his sons were socially distancing hypocrite.

  7. Piers Morgan and Dom Cummings are in the same boat , the rules dont apply to them and here he is ripping into government ministers for the death rate in the uk which he helped spread , while all we have done is stay home for a year and not seen family or friends!

  8. Morgan should be arrested, like normal public & fined, for breaking "Covid" regulations. He is a big Hypocritical Mouth piece, like most of these "Celebrities: are.
    Why should all of us be locked down when these lot can do as they please 'without being arrested?

  9. Why is he still working? How many disgusted people have to comment before action is taken..he's been lashing into politicians this week like he's our saviour. I noticed Priti Patel made some reference to those travelling during this lockdown. He continued to verbally bash her and chose to ignore her comment. Hope the full weight of the law is reigned upon him.. Sanctimonious s**t !!

  10. What gives the rich the right to move around the country and world and get away with it
    Where are the police then , they are quick enough to stop cars and fine people hundreds of pounds
    When London was put into tier 4 loads of Londoners fled all over the country to their holiday home and got away with it.
    Some ended up on the Isle of Wight who at the time were in tier 1 very little infection rate and bang after Christmas and new year
    Had one of the highest infections rate in the country and now are having to fly COVID patients over to the main land for treatment
    Because it only has a small hospital
    Selfish horrible people hope they and the stupid rich are happy with themselves

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