July 28, 2021


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48 thoughts on “SACKED John Barrowman Panto 🪓 Husband Plays The Man Sausage Victim

  1. I think the sanctimonious prudes and body shaming creeps baying for his blood are scraping the bottom of their customised morality and virtue signalling empty barrels on this one.
    There is so much real evil out there for goodness sake!

  2. Why are the police not investigating him? If he was straight would probably be looking at a custidial, and most of the towns and cities would be under siege from thw woke knobs

  3. I’m sorry to say this guys, everything on television is now sh*t, talentless people are entertaining, then we got other talented people who are not funny and producing cr*p, the bbc tv licence needs to go, thank god I got sky +, but again some stuff are sh*t as well, so this decade is going to become “correctness”, sad, some people don’t have sense of humour, now John has ruined his career, I don’t find it funny what he did, as a man, I will never do something stupid like that, please don’t compare me to the Lefties, because I’m not, lol 😂😈

  4. Key fact is that someone compained about Barrowman's creepy antics to the BBC in 2008. It seems very little or nothing was done. In fact, he was promoted and given his own show by the BBC……Who does this remind you of??

  5. I think that Martin Swinscoe is so jacked on steroids that he needs the special rush that comes when smashing down peoples doors, you might need to ask Martin about upholding the law but his actions are smash doors in, ask questions later. This moron is so triggered due, in my opinion to his use of steroids.

  6. Not sure how this was ever classed as anything else otger than flashing. Why was he not arrested immediately.

    If anyone did this in their work place they would be fired immediately.

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