April 11, 2021


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Sadiq Khan Loses Control Of London

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50 thoughts on “Sadiq Khan Loses Control Of London

  1. The football lads are protecting our beautiful country yet the digusting msm will never tell the truth. Didn't say much about the poor horse who had a brick thrown at it these people are scum

  2. I really don't understand why people from both sides get so angry and violent. Whatever the problem, and it seems that the issues are reasonably simple to discuss and resolve, why does it always end in crazy violence. I have had experience with racism and in all cases the issues have been resolved amicably. Absolutely no aggression, after brief sensible discussions issues have always been resolved. Calm speaking and sensible words, followed by, in some cases – apologies, all involved have come away satisfied, and often with new friends.
    The quotation"Black lives matter" is a profound statement, which does not require an answer. The fact that it is being broadcast is because many folk believe that many others do no agree, or recognize or even bother with the statement. This is where the problem starts! What is needed is simply education, and that is the difficult part. However, because something is difficult, doesn't mean that violence is the right path. Imagine, if at school, if when the pupil did not understand what was required of him, he was beaten by the teacher? well it used to happen until it became illegal ! So let's see if we can apply the same principle to this current problem instead of turning the situation into war. Whichever 'side' you are on [there should not be sides], there is a solution, and will begin by calm speaking between chosen representatives. It won't be easy, but it will be more productive and less aggressive {hopefully NON aggressive}
    The result from this attitude will always be more favorable to all than if a LAW was made and passed in Parliament. That would be a catastrophe. Best wishes to all.

  3. We've had a terrorist attack in the UK every single day slashing people's throats since the BLM and Antifa "protests" so clearly they are connected, like many researchers claim.

  4. Are they anti BLM or just anti bullshit pulling down statues and claiming special rights, when clearly we are all equal under the law

  5. Khan is also a homophobic too. Saying this as a British South American West Indian (not black) this is just embarrassing and gone too far ALL LIVES MATTER

  6. Britain has gone 2 the dogs these pc far left politicians are destroying the country .whether they are Labour tory liberal snp Welsh nat they are all the same u can't trust any of them .and multi culturism clearly does not work it's only going 2 get worse .

  7. Funny how all lives matter was created in protest to Black lives matter. Why have you never protested for all lives matter before Black lives matter started fighting for their rights? Yeah we know why. All lives matter to you only in protest to Black lives matter.

  8. Because the racists are always violent. Learn your history and get on the right side of history. Instead of being a sellout puppet and useful idiot.

  9. Police that scared to be called racist they only come out in force to have a go at people trying to stop vandalism, it's crazy!!! so what should we do then, just sit at home and let people run riot because the police won't stop them. Just like the grooming gangs they are protecting, double standards are out of order

  10. Khan's got a lot of pressure of a big city on his shoulders you're weak father couldn't look after his small family he folded under pressure an ran to another country seeking asylum beating his wife because he couldn't handle pressure..

  11. Mayhar your videos are very biased. Neither the right or left anymore we need a people system and a resource based economy not a fiat one.stay safe.

  12. What has Sadiq done for London?? Anyone? He must have done something right? Is it OK if we have a new Mayor? It has been long enough. Sadiq reminds me of the kind of guy who would send a teenager over the top on the Western Front in WW1. A death sentence they still don't want to speak of. The shame lies with them…. they allowed it too happen… The deserters were not cowards! They wanted to live, it is not a sin to want to live. If I could go back there I would want to help them.

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