June 13, 2021


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Sargon Discusses Tommy Robinson's Ban on LBC

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38 thoughts on “Sargon Discusses Tommy Robinson's Ban on LBC

  1. "Tommy Robinson, whose real name is…"

    Oh yeah, just state this guy's real name on live air for thousands of people to hear!
    Heck, just give out his home adress and bank account information why don't you, you slippery backstabbing fucks!
    Literally each and every single mainstream media article about Tommy that I have come across has, without exception, pulled this shit!
    They are positively giddy that they can now get away with just throwing around this kind of personal information about him because;
    'Apparently it's already out there, so we're not doing anything wrong. It's totally not a borderline form of doxing.'
    'We're not potentially putting anyone in danger by letting any random listener know the birth name of a man
    who has nearly gotten killed on several occasions after being thrown in fucking jail by the UK government for spreading wrongthink about Islam.'
    It's absolutely goddamn infuriating to see these scummy, privileged, puffed up, yuppie "journalists" go out of their way to casually single out someone
    who has essentially been treated as an enemy of the British state for over a decade, only because they know full well that they won't suffer any consequences for it!
    These people are traitors and snakes! To Hell with them!

  2. Que year 2020 and Facebook admits to having no evidence of Tommy Robinson calling for violence and to have manufactured the allegations that he broke specific guidelines because they believe that he's a bad man.

  3. Nick Ferrari why do you not speak to Tony Robinson and find out yourself what is the truth and untruth You people down there are all the same go to the source and find out yourself God-bless Tommy Robinson

  4. Stopped at 1min38 seconds. He said if you join social media site and preach violence towards Muslims you get banned.. Sorry he should if said if you preach violence towards ANYONE not just Muslims you get banned. Many Muslim haters insisting violence towards non Muslims on fb but they don't get banned… Plus the government don't want Tommy around so if he has done wrong please tell me why he's not been arrested and jailed for it? Fact is he's not done it as he seems to get arrested for anything else but hate racist speech etc.

  5. Why this hypocrisy? The huge majority of people in any European countries doesn't want muslims in their countries. That is why the majority is banned from social media because they speak the truth.

  6. This is FAKE NEWS I have never heard Tommy Robinson say anything hateful about Muslim people. He does try to educate people to the dangers of Islam in our country.

  7. I hate the u k govt they are as bad as the C I A fuck those parasite royal Windsor fucks too there is no conservative party anywhere but the streets fight these Nazi leftist fucks or there thumb will squash you to misery n fuck all religions including islam Christianity n Satanism also known as leftist socialist pc group think may the allfather bless sargon fuck the authoritarian pussys

  8. Muslims must know deep down that what they do and how they behave is very wrong, else they wouldn't be so offended and threatened by Tommy reporting on certain truths. They're so threatened that they will go to these great lengths to get him banned from social media platforms in a country that is meant to be the bastion of free speech.

  9. Completely altered Tommy's context and meaning herein, to be sure. Anyone can look it up and see for themselves. Completely altered from what Tommy was actually saying therein.

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